Starting A Supercharger Install Video

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  1. At any rate I did some research and came up with. The walbro 400,405 has
    @ 13.5v
    @ 40psi
    404.5 lph
    14.12 amps
    @ 5353 rpm
    Not sure how this stacks up to the stealth 340 but thats the numbers if my pump.
  2. I'm watching....just have no info/guess on the pump. I also run a 255 pump which is overkill for my engine without the nitrous but have had no problems. I'm pretty much a newb @ fuel pumps/tuning etc.
  3. Just installed the 60# injectors. The Walbro 405 also known as the walbro 400 for those who are interested in what I did to install it into my tank.. I had to cut the hangar on both sides at the bottom because there is no way the 50 mm end and the thickness of the hangars on both sides would fit.. The opening on the top of the gas tank is only about 52mm(guess) the bottom of the fuel pump is 50mm so the hangar thickness on both sides is probably equal to 4 mm 2mm each.. (all guesses.. the pump lower is 50mm so thats what I judged the measurements from.). So thats roughly 54 mm you have to put in a 52 mm hole. Basically I cut the lower portion of the hangar off at the bottom, connected the 5/16 hose and electrical connection and used the rubber grommet off the old pump I removed, put around the skinny part of the new pump / hangar and used 2 stainless steel zip tie type connectors and firmly clamped the hangar to the new pump. Installed the small sock and installed the assembly into my 90 mustang fuel tank. While I had reservations about installing the pump in this fashion I did feel that it is firmly secured to the hangar and not falling out of the hangar. The sock is pretty close to the tank bottom so it really has no where to go anyway but.. There is a baffle in the tank so I couldn't see the exact clearance between the sock and the bottom of the tank, I would guesstimate a 1/4 inch.
  4. Did you run into any issues? Did you change your mind about doing the video? @Detroiit
  5. Still waiting a the kit to be delivered. They said 14 business days and tomorrow is 14 business days so should be in the mail soon.
  6. I got mine yesterday so yours is on the way
  7. When did you order yours?
  8. For people that are using the sct ba 2600 maf or the like. You will need the sct 2901 adaptor for the maf connection. Unless you rewire it or etc..
  9. Sometime in the begining of July
  10. Still waiting on my kit! Tomorrow will be 1 month ago I ordered the kit. Looks like Im going to have to cancel the dyno tune 1 more time. Hopefully the tuner wont tell me to get lost.. lol Canceling for the second time.. lol
  11. Tuner wants to make money . if you let him no you're still waiting on it I am sure he's not gonna get mad
  12. Im sure he will be fine with it. He is booked 2 months in advance tho, so hopefully I can squeeze in if I dont get it in time and have to postpone my appointment.
  13. Well started to install the supercharger. I ran into several "hiccups" but worked around it. All I have to do make the hole larger for the anderson power pipe and install the bypass valve and its done. I have some pics. It was a straight foreword install. Some of the directions were kinda general and could of used a few more pics/directions. There is one thing that is bothering me.

    It says to remove the "locking type nut on the stud closest to the water pump for the AC bracket and replace it with a standard nut".. The nut is on the stud but behind the new bracket. Is there suppose to be 2 nuts on the same stud? One in front and one behind? or is this stud just a "guide point and the other 2 bolts are the main fasteners? This bracket that attaches the stock serpentine belt tensioner to the vortech mounting plate has 2 bolts bolted to the bracket(7/16 carriage bolt secures the tensioner to the vortech bracket) and hole to slide over the AC bracket stud but does not tighten? Does anyone know if only 2 bolts secures the tensioner to the vortech bracket and the 3rd hold is like a guide pin / dowel pin that dont get fastened?

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  14. So after taking off the alt and smog pump, its time to assemble the vortech brackets and install the smog pump and alternator as a bolted together assembly.




    I removed the fender for easier access to install the plumbing for the intake and hook up maf inside fender with air filter.

    Installed the new vortech pully


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  15. I had to remove a little material from the timing chain cover for clearance on installation of the assembled brackets/pump and alternator.

    This is what it looked like before I ground down some material

    This is after installing the completed brackets, smog pump and alternator

    After going to the parts store a couple times I found I needed a 92 inch belt

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  16. Starting to install the supercharger


    This is after installing the SC belt and upper radiator hose/tube and discharge tube

    I still need to install the bypass valve plumbing, cut a hole in my inner fender so the power pipe will fit and install the new MAF and K&N filter.

    Should be completed by the end of the day!

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  17. After posting some pics I noticed that the bracket seems concave. I wonder if this is right? Hmm
    anyone. Is this suppose to look "bowed"? Maybe just the pic but I will have to check it. All pullies seem to be lined up.

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  18. Looks like that is coming alon nicely. Sometimes you need to shim the pulleys to get them to align properly.

    Is that a rail mounted fp gauge I see next to the passenger side spark plug wires? If so, I would advise getting rid of it as they are known fire hazards. Especially with it so close to the wires like that.
  19. Looking good ! just wait until the first time it hits boost you'll be in love