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  1. ok im starting to do my swap 4cyle to v8. i pulled the rotor off and im having problems geting the strut to spindle to brek loose the nut seems like if it was welded on anybody have any advice for me on how to get it off i have 2 days off in a row and would like to swap brakes and put new shocks on. im going to start a swap thread and tack piks for all to see but it will be awhile before the swap is done since my friend with the hoist prety much flacked on me so back to square one yay
  2. pb blaster, let it soak. I have had to stand on a breaker bar before just to get it to budge. Not something I recommend for safety reasons but it worked for me. If it has never been taken off before then it will be hard to get off. I have done several and it is a pain. good luck. be patient it will come off
  3. yea i hit it with pb also what size wrench or socket do i need for the bolt my wrench dosent have the size on it and its one of them double sided ones that are two diff sizes and i dont got a big enough socket thanks for the help :nice:
  4. thought id try out photobucket and post piks of parts car and the notch there phone piks sorry there crapy View attachment 224515 parts car now my notch stanger.jpg my notch
  5. ill tack more piks of both tomarrow and start my swap thread if anyone has any imput on the swap hit me up if anyone is in socal and wouldnt mind lending a hand hit me up also if anyone has any notch interior parts head liner the carpet piec that goes where the third brek lite is let me know and if you cant tell i dont know what its called loland i know im a ****ty typer
  6. do urself a favor and buy an electric impact gun makes it much easier
  7. x 50 plus the palms of your hands will hurt less
  8. Do yourself a favor and download Firefox, it spell checks as you type. Also, periods and commas are your friends. :D

    If you haven't figured it out already, the nuts on the spindle are 22 or 24mm. Big mofos. I used my 1/2" breaker bar, an extension (so I wasn't working inside the wheel well), and a 2 foot piece of pipe over the breaker bar handle to break those things loose. I also soaked them in WD-40 beforehand.
  9. ok so i tried the breaker bar and had another person give me a hand and still nothing i guess ima have to buy an impact gun o well its an investment i took some picks not good ones but still pics
    parts car
    my notch
  10. When I did mine, my impact wouldnt cut it. I ended up using an old torque wrench. It is about 16in long. I put an extension on it, then stood on the end of the wrench and just jumped. Lol. Not the safest method, but it broke the nuts loose.
  11. i wish i woulda seen your post before i went out and bought the impact it didnt work at all and now im broke lmao i think there welded on well not realy but feels that way ****ers pissing me off to the max im bout to grind the bolts off
  12. huh? lol are you for real at this point im down. :rlaugh: ima tray and get my hands on a steal pipe to use as leverage to break them damn bolts.
  13. I have stood on pipes that were extensions of a breaker bar and hopped a little to get them off. If you are gonna torch it make sure everything is clear (brake lines etc.) and try to torch the outside of the nut only. this will expand the nut and make it easier to pop it off.
  14. Like I said, breaker bar with a 24" pipe slipped over it for extra leverage. No impact or torching necessary. Make sure you've soaked them in penetrating oil or WD-40. I don't like to use a torch unless it is a last ditch effort. Torches tend to weaken metal, and burn things you don't intend to burn.
  15. im not woried about weaken metal its the parts car im havein problems with they come off easy on my notch ive tryd the breaker bar 24mm soket and nothing i tryed geting my step dad to try and still no luckive been at it for three days now and no luck its pissing me off tp the max lol
  16. id like to take the time and thank everyone for there help so far ive been out there working my ass off on this brake swap and its a pain but worth it just wish this **** would loosein up for me its been frustraiting so thanks for dealing with my whining lol and your patience and help you guys make this site worth coming back too
  17. update ok well i put all that anger to good use and went out pissd and got the rite side off and got one bolt off on the left side still having troblle with the top bolt so ill tacle it after work thanks again for all the help now its time to start my swap thread its gona be a slow one with crapy gramer lol but it will there i still need to find somone with a hoist and somone to help me pull the 4 banger motor and swap the v8 if anyone close to palm springs is down ill pay gass beer and food pm me if your down thanks
  18. If you have a floor jack, take the handle off and slide it over your ratchet. You shouldn't need a steel pipe after that.
  19. Bro I respect you for trying but reading your posts gives me a head ache. Let me translate for peeps to make it a little easier. And, no I am not a writer by profession. (Don' t take this as an insult I am just playing with you)

    Update, I put all that anger to good use. I went out to the car, all pissed off, and got the right side (passenger side) off. I got one bolt off on the driver side but I am still having trouble with the top bolt. I will have to tackle that after I get off from work. Thanks again for all the help. Now has come the time to start my swap thread. I need to find someone with a (engine?) hoist and someone to help me with the engine swaps. If there is anyone that lives close to Palm Springs area that can help me with this I would appreciate it. Beer and food will be available to those that choose to help me with this venture. ( I would leave out the gas part. Peeps on here have a heavy right foot.) Send me a pm if you are interested.