starting my swap

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  1. it was easy i did it myself no help i just put it through the fire wall it went into plase and i pulld the line and it snaped into place
  2. update i prety much gave up with the heat and no luck at all o and i foud out i didnt have a fuel relay at all so that would be why i had problems with the 91 harness lol also did a search or 2 and somone had same year stang and they said the relay wireing had to be reran for it to even work but after long thought i decided to not give up and keep trying im just not that motivated anymore everyday i go out and stare at the car and shak my head but im not gona give up if anyone has fely yhe same please share about it maby it will give me much needed motivation anyways thank you all for everything it's much apreciated
  3. so i stoped working on the swap for sumtime now and the other day i went out and looked around and well i did a stangnet serch and found ignition switch problems so i went out and got me one put it in and boom it fires up with the 93 harness installed now its time to attempt the rear end swap you guys rock thanks for everything