starting my swap

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  1. 2 bolts hold it to the firewall along with a retaining plate under the dash. Easy enough just trace it and use your mind man.
  2. where exactly is it under the dash i dont want to remove the dash or anything lol
  3. you dont have to remove the dash. Come from underneath it. you will have to take the gauge cluster off.
  4. ok did that just came from the garage and i see where its conected and theres a round plastic peice on it and im havivg trouble removing it is there a trick to do this im on the donor car first any help is welcome
  5. Its not plastic its aluminum just pop it off with a skrewdriver.
  6. thats what i figured now how do i reinstall it on my notch lol isnt it goin to be a p.i.t.a
  7. ok i got it off, and compared it to the 4cyle, ans it looks to be the same length so im confuesd, can i use the 4cyle throttle cable. another thing is can i use the spedo cable from the 4cyle, or do i need the v8 cable, the v8 cable the gear is craked but it was working, the 4cyle looks new.
  8. pulled the motor today and swaped it over its geting there slow but sure
  9. I had to switch the throttle cable over on mine. It is quite a **** if you have big hands. Because you have to try and get up through the dash to hook it back to the pedal. Something I saved some time with was retaining the 4cyl. gas pedal. I dunno if you planned to leave it anyway, but it works fine.

    I'm sure you've noted if the 4cyl. car is a auto or 5 speed earlier, but I can't remember. If your v8 was a 5 speed and the 4cyl. car is an auto, or vise verca. The cable will work fine, but your speedo will be off.
    I think you can just switch the gear over from your V8 cable and all should be good. Just be careful not to break that retaining clip that holds it on.
  10. Why would he swap the gas pedal they are the same.
  11. My bad, I meant differences between auto and 5 speed gas pedals. My 4cyl. car was an auto, and I left the skinny auto pedal in place.
  12. having issues i hooked up the wireing all but mass air and the ac cluch relay, (dont what its called) and cheaked the headlights turn signals they were fine, turn the key some more and no prime, so i said what the hell and went to see if it would crank and nadda, so im stumpd and yes i know im not done with my swap i just wanted to see if all was legit, so can somone help me out please, this swap is geting on my nerves all help is welcome. lol.
  13. silly question, but did you plug in the computer
  14. Do you have the tranny harness hooked in and the nuetral safty switch?
  15. no i dont lmao is this why:nonono:
  16. yes lol and its not a silly ? cause the first try i didnt hook it up lol was to excited its my first swap and first time taking on a big project like this
  17. it should still prime the pump, just wont start. I didnt follow your entire swap but I thought I remember you posting something about using harnesses from different cars. I would say it is time to retrace all the connections and grounds.
  18. yea at first i bought a harness from a 93, but then i bought one off ebay for a 91, and the guy said in the ad it was pulled from a 91, and will only work for a 91, cause its a stand alone harness, now on the green and grey conectors that go by the ecu, the green one was cut off but included, i spliced it and the ground was cut i spliced it as well, should i pull it and soder it, could that be my problem or am i screwd with the harness.
  19. she cranks now i gota check all grounds
  20. it will still crank with a bad computer a harness from an 89