starting off... dont want to damage new parts

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by stangster50, Dec 24, 2007.

  1. hi guys, new to tuning, i will be using the tweecer r/t to do it. i have gt40x303 aluminum heads, cam, ported intake, and its supercharged... to start off with tuning i dont want to damage any new parts, so would i just crank up the fuel pressure on my 30 lb injectors, fire it up, and watch the wideband, so i know its not leaning out,then start the tuning process? im just worried about a really lean, or other kind of condition when i first fire it up untuned...

    if i have the idea wrong, what do i need to do? thanks.
  2. I have been told by a Dyno-Tuner in my area. That if you crank it up on the factor settings in the computer. you will nopt have any lean issues, b/c the factory settings are way rich. i to am close to cranking my car after a rebuild and this is the way i will run the car for the first 500 miles. then i will get a dyno tune. as long as you do not beat on the engine i have been told you will be fine. hope this helps

  3. Problem with something like that is Ford didn't make the factory tune in thoughts of someone slapping a supercharger on it one day. When you boost an engine you need to retard the base timing (and most put in colder plugs or at least reduce the gap of the stockers) unless you use a boost retard where it starts retarding timing per psi of boost, or with a chip where you retard it inside the computer. So if you slap on a 12 psi supercharger on a stock engine which has 10 degrees base timing I would have to say you're going to ping once the boost rolls in.....and fuel wise the stock tune was tuned for being ran Naturally Aspirated at WOT.....For instance if the computer is demanding 12.9 afr at WOT thats way to lean for a supercharged engine. Picking up what I'm throwing down? I'm no pro tuner but that's just my thoughts. If you plan on using the stock tune with a supercharger I would knock down the stock timing below 10 degrees and use an FMU so it increases the fuel pressure per psi of boost but the Right way of doing this is getting it dyno tuned.