Startup surge solved. Check list worthy maybe.


10 Year Member
Mar 2, 2003
Greenville, NC
So every since I bought my car it has surged on a warm start. It got worse after doing a H/C/I swap and the car would sometimes die coming to a stop with the AC on. I changed parts, and did the surging check list, and reset the base idle a couple of times over the last few years and nothing really helped. Well 3 years ago while troubleshooting a electrical issue I noticed than when I touched wires near the computer the car would shut off. I found that it was a ground pin so I tightened it up by crimping the connection tighter so it would grab the computer pin better and the issue went away. I also broke one of the clips that holds the signal return wire in the computer harness (pin 46), so I patched it up with a little epoxy to hold the pin in the connector and zip tied it to the wire next to it. I also bought a new 60 pin Ford ECC connector plug, but never installed it due to not wanting to move every wire from one to another.

Fast forward 3 years later and on a board Sunday morning I decided to replace the connector. I pulled out every single wire. Crimped it tighter (and you could tell some had gotten fairly loose over the years) and put them in the new connector. I honestly expected no results in how the car ran, I just wanted the connector fixed right. Well to my surprise the startup surge is gone, and now the anti-stall works like it should. So what I found is that not only can the 10 pins get loose and cause issues so can the 60 pin EEC connection.

Hopefully this helps someone and the whole process only took about a hour.
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