For Sale Stead Suspension Mods

Discussion in 'Suspension Parts' started by Dan Fendick, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. 3D624CE5-08E3-4DC9-A890-A38F75B1CDBB.jpeg E779B603-E928-459E-B2CB-FD8E43A71E1C.jpeg 2A4C32C1-8BBD-445B-9CA0-4B8E53996E14.jpeg 692E4AF9-E324-4AA3-938F-3D9B8416099F.jpeg 15C9DAE1-128E-4671-A39E-EB93BD56C6B6.jpeg Just sold my 2015 Mustang and the following Steeda Suspension parts are available. Prefer local pickup but will ship at purchasers expense. Parts are located in Mesa AZ. Text at 847-867-2288

    Rear Subframe Support Braces IRS. $150.00
    Extreme Track K Member Brace
    for the front. $95.00
    Tower Strut Front Support. $100.00
    IRS Rear Subframe Bushing System. $75.00
    Rear Differential Bushing Insert Kit. $40.00