steeda 18 cam

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  1. I run the steeda # 18 cam. See my sig for what my motor consists of...pretty close to a gt-40 crate motor. The cam performs fairly well. It is a little lazy in the lower rpms, below about 2500. but from 3500 to 5500 it pulls like an animal! My car makes power right up to 5500 and farther, i just dont care to take it that far. The driveability is bucking or surging and it idles very well and sounds pretty good. Tweecer tuned depending on your combo (injectors and MAF) you may run into cold start idle issues without a tune! Nice cam though...i have also heard that it works fairly well as a blower cam too!
  2. this cam would go into a daily, what kind of mileage would you expect with a conservative foot?
  3. Well right now im in the process of tuning the car with the tweecer. Right now i have a tune that nets me 18mpg for mixed highway/city driving. And on the highway i normally get a least 24 mpg...and i've gotten 26 before. I'm actually quite impressed with the mileage from this motor. I'm probably running around 9.5:1 compression and 1.6 take all that into consideration as well.
  4. sweet, I am sold on it. do you have any vid/sound clips?
  5. Um....let me see if i can find you a link. I think streetfire went through their archives and cleaned up a little bit. Hold on....
  6. I have the Steeda #18 and have been driving with it for a few years now. Car isn't a daily driver anymore, but it is very street friendly. Idle is decent, but not quite as aggressive or lopey as I'd like. The funny thing is, I don't have a tune yet, either, but I get exactly........18mpg. Go figure. Coincidence? Either way, I got it because it's designed for blown apps and I plan on getting a blower within the next year.
  7. sweet, i think this is the cam I am going to go with. all of my friends tell me to get the b cam or TFS1, but I wanna keep my car mild.
    90, were you running cats in that video?
  8. No cats in that vid. The exhaust was FMS stainless shorties, Mac O/R H pipe, and flowmaster 40s with custom 2.5" tails.