SOLD Steeda CAI (Black Out) with SCT Tuner

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by beviking, Apr 1, 2013.

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  1. I have a Steeda CAI and SCT Tuner (Steeda 93tune installed) for sale. I used this last summer (LOVE IT!) for about 3000 miles but am going with a Roush Supercharger so I don't need this anymore. Had it off all winter and painted most of it Rustoleum Gloss Black, multiple coats, sanding between to get a nice smooth finish. Left ends that hoses fit over bare. Aluminum pcs were barely buffed with a finishing pad and then painted, no primer in case I changed my mind, I could strip the paint and polish the aluminum back to a shine. Paint will hold up well, but if it gets nicked with something else metal, it could chip fairly easy. Everything is included as you see in the picture and I will make sure it is assembled as much as possible when shipped (w/o getting damaged) so you won't have to spend any extra time with assembly. $525 with $25 for shipping, p/u and it's yours for an even $500.

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  2. Sorry guys/gals, this was on my 2012 GT with 6spd transmission (at left).
  3. The SCT Tuner is able to be used on another car with no problems? Just wanna make sure and not be in for any suprises please let me know I'm interested thanks
  4. Hey Kornflake7, as far as I know it can be used on another car. I have read threads about tuners being locked or married but to be honest, I don't know how that works? I never get a message about a certain # of unlocks left or that it is married to the car. I've uploaded and downloaded the tunes to the car a couple times (once was after an update) and no such messages. I used the tuner to clear a code on our explorer once too, no message.
  5. Ya I'm not totally sure either I guess I need to read up more on it at least with my old cars 350z/g35 with osiris tuner each car needed a seperate license to tune. You could switch the cable to check codes etc but not tune it. Text me and let's try and work something out at least for the steeda cai and hopefully the sct tuner 210-422-0920 - Mike
  6. Hi Bill, I posted in your thread on AFM, but... "If you use the tuner to return your car to stock it will be unlocked. If the tuner tunes a car it is married to that car until it is used to return that car to stock."

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    To reiterate...the Steeda combo is AWESOME. If I wasn't going with a supercharger, I wouldn't be getting rid of this set up!!!!
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