Steeda Cai Question

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  1. Will it hurt to run a Steeda CAI without the tune for a day or two? My tuner shipped blank because my 2014 GT was missing the ECU sticker and it might be a day or two before I can coordinate with Steeda for the correct ECU tune.
  2. Got off the phone with Steeda. In case anyone else is in this predicament, the answer is a definitive NO, YOU CANNOT RUN THIS CAI WITHOUT A TUNE. Stock ECU can't cope with the amount of air now flowing into the intake. You can damage the car by driving with this CAI without a tune. DO NOT do as I did and jump the gun and install the CAI BEFORE you are ready to install the tune.
  3. they have to say that, it's probably also written somewhere in their liablity disclaimer to cover their arses
  4. The folks @ Steeda are good people; I should have known better. After all the CAI is throwing a parameter way out of the range the stock ECU software expects or can obviously handle. A no brainer to have expected and foreseen this.

    I'm just thankful I didn't try to drive the thing and merely started it up, backed down the driveway and pulled back in to the garage! Completely my fault.
  5. That is correct ... my apologies for not seeing this sooner.

    Thank you for reaching us via phone and talking to one our reps.

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