Steeda Fox Body Project Car!

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  1. Steeda is thinking about doing a naturally aspirated push rod Fox Body build up. Any suggestions or ideas you guys would like to see from us?
  2. 351w powered corner carver! getting old seeing all these 1/4 mile builds.
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  3. ^ Agreed!
  4. What he said!
  5. ^^^^^
  6. yes, what they all said!
  7. Hi Matt.... I'm local and could be talked into using my car for the project....:nice:
  8. Same here only I'm not as enamored with the 351.

    Perhaps an N/A aluminum block that is a complete beast?

    Something that will out corner and out brake, nearly everything on the road.
  9. This, but with off the shelf parts, something that the average guy could build with a decent budget. Heavy with the suspention and cooling mods though. Prove that a fox can still hang with the right parts and a little work and research. Then put the Stig in it.
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  10. would be sweet if everything was straight from the Steeda catalog.
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  11. One thing for sure, if they built it with Steeda parts, it would be built right. Dario does not simply go out and make cheap Chinese made copies of existing parts. I remember his old fox body back in the day..

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  12. The car you build MUST have those Pentar rims, those looked sick on that car!
  13. I dont think those are Pentars, they are super sweet though.
  14. Your right, thats what I get for watching on a damn Ipad mini. They look like old BBS rims or maybe some early steeda Q1C's but its hard to tell. Anyone know what year was that filmed in?
  15. They're Enkei rpF1's
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  16. Thats right all American made here!!! Thanks Mike and thanks to all for the ideas. It will definetly be a cornering machine showcasing our parts. For the engine we are not sure yet if it will be 302 or 351 based. The video was filmed in around 1990.
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  17. Glad to hear it will be more than a straight up drag machine. that seems to be the sole focus on most builds these days. I love seeing a road course based build. Foxes werent ready out of the box for that competition but with the right parts they are great carvers.
  18. I like seeing some big name vendors posting around here... Keeping this place relevant.

    I know you guys are probably more interested in displaying your product lineup, but I'd love to see something super unique. Like say... Tall deck modular, like a 5.4L (or 6.8L V10, yayayaya) with a modified firewall and K-member to set the engine waaaaay back, and get the weight distribution real close to 50/50.
  19. What he said! 50/50 weight, road course American Iron killer!
  20. Matt, You going to have it ready for the Steeda run? Can't wait to see the finished product?