Steeda Fox Body Project Car!

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  1. high revving aluminum 331ci with IRS would be great for a twisty build.

    or swap in a newer rear axle to get a wider stance and throw a wide body kit at it that way you can still showcase your parts
  2. I personally would pass on the aluminum block, I think 331 TFS top end, t56 and IRS would be a cool corner carver that would be relatable for the general populations wallet
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  3. No I don't think by then, we have a few projects going on. I'm the fox body guy here so I'm trying to get some feedback and make a game plan.
  4. yeah a budget minded build would be cool.
  5. ecoboost 3.5 in a fox would be sweet. And I am pretty sure steve and dario would approve. The 302/351 has been done so many times, its just not that exciting anymore.
  6. I would honestly love to see a windsor motor. I'm not a big fan of mod or late model motor swaps. I watched a coyote swap on HP and honestly for the money they could have had an engine that pumped out twice the HP or focused on a killer suspension setup.
  7. Horsepower TV aka Bert and Ernie, or "let's throw every new high dollar part we can find from some advertisers on a car and watch it underperform." I remember when that tool Joe had his Mustang stolen a few years back and when they recovered it,, it had receipts from like Jiffy lube or something. The clown doesn't even change his own oil.

    For the Steeda build, I'd love for them to take their suspension/braking/drivetrain parts along with a 408 Windsor and make a 10 second street car that runs on pump gas.
  8. not going to arguing that point. just saying that if anyone throws 30k at a build it best make more than 350hp.
  9. They get all those parts donated. It's an advertiser's showcase.

  10. Could you use Jon Kaase new P-38 heads on a 351w based engine. Would love to see the numbers using those heads.

    Also could it stay a 4 lug car and do the brake upgrades with 4 lug setup.
  11. While I agree with this, it kills most regular Joes from being able to relate to the build. You watch it until its done and move on, rather than envying it for a long while and modeling your own car after it.
  12. I know Steeda is in the business of selling parts. However, it always more impressive to me to see with how little you can spend vs how much you can spend. Things like pulling Explorer intakes out of junkyards vs buying the newest intake on the market. Since Steeda does not make or provide all the parts you need to make a car like that, maybe you could showcase all parts made in the USA. While that doesn't fill the till, that showcase approach shows the appeal of the type of business you run. That would be impressive. The drivetrain should be based on what's most available to the customers. Maybe even go in a new direction. For instance, for the last 2 decades the Cleveland and 400M engines have been totally dismissed by the gearhead as limited platforms. However, in recent years, the number of aftermarket parts has skyrocketed for those engines.

  13. I have an idea for an engine... Pretty sure I'd get banned for saying it, so I'll just sit and wait patiently to see what happens.
  14. yeah no Chevy motors @hoopty5.0 ! hahahaha just teasin.
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  16. No, no. I'm no Shaolin Crane... heh....

  17. :lol: All hail the LS! Lol. Keep it ford Windsor family. It may be done to death but isn't it what most of us run and plan to build?
  18. In all seriousness, I hope it is a windsor of some variety. The only reason I'm doing what Im doing is it was the most cost-effective way to reach my goal. All hail pushrod SBF!
  19. Trust me. There is NO WAY Dario is putting a Chevy motor in a Mustang. The guys bleeds Ford blue.

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    i think this could cover all aspects of Steeda's market, as well as a little bit of a twist (pun intended :p)

    just throwin' that out there...