Steeda Pony Wars - 2010

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  1. The New Year is upon us, Ford Mustang fans, and the events are already starting to queue up. The first annual Steeda Stampede in Valdosta, GA is slated for February 13, 2010 and is setting up some fantastic motorhead mania.* There will be a healthy dose of drag racing, a show ‘n shine, and of [...]

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  2. going to be there. scott boda (steeda's valdosta plant manager) has a pretty bad ass lx hatch. dart block 438, n/a EFI and runs 9's.

    For anyone wanting to pre-register

  3. valentines weekend, wonder how many guys will be in trouble that weekend! wish i could be one of them...
  4. Update:
    So here are some hotels just south of the track.
    Click Here for Hotels in Valdosta
    These hotels to the North are near the Valdosta Mall and that is the location of Buffalo Wild Wings. They are throwing a pre party for anyone who would like to attend on Friday Night.

    Pre-Party, Buffalo Wild Wings 7/12/10 Starting at 6:30pm. We will be giving away a handful of shirts and we are also going to give away some “rides” in Steeda cars.

    After the race on Saturday for those who would like to hang out a little after the race.

    After Party, Buffalo Wild Wings 7/13/10 Starting at 7:30ish.
    This is will be awesome!!! This will be like a Car meet/show. Buffalo Wild Wings BWW (located off exit 18 on the North east corner of the mall parking lot), will give us reserved parking spaces on the South and East side (in front of the outside section). Plus since it’s the Mall there is plenty of room for any car haulers or trailers to park. We got the VSU Red Hots (dance team) coming out to help with parking and what not. We will have Best Buy out there with 2 flat screens with PS3 for the kids to play on. Have the outside patio and designated parking so we can all Hang out and BS about the days events and racing action. Also there will be some drink and food specials that night for all that attend Pony Wars. We’ll try to have video streaming on the flat screens of the days racing actions as well as a Live Band on hand. We are going to Rock!! The Band will play for a couple hours and play mostly cover songs, softer rock and some country. Lastly, Budweiser will most likely be at BWW giving away Koozies, hats and T-shirts as promotional stuff.

    We hope you can all make it to the event as this is going to be one to remember.