Steeda Pullies. Any good?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by tfritz, Dec 2, 2003.

  1. Hello fellow Stangers!

    I was curious about the Steeda Pullies. It'll be my last mod until I can land another job (Contract is ending, no hire, no worky = no money) :nonono:

    Will I experience any side effects? (unlike my exhuast lol loss of hearing.)
    Slows down water pump? Not enough power, not running Alternater strong enough? These things I heard, they plagued the 95-96 5.0s and not the new Modular 4.6.

    Any imput fully appreciated.
  2. Some of us have experienced an increase in engine harmonics with the steeda crank damper pulley. I know Blown46Cobra and I have talked about it. My vibe sounded like "static" above 6k RPM, but it went away (mostly) after I replaced teh clutch and t/o bearing. He (blown4.6Cobra) had to put the stock damper back on.

    This seems to be a really hit and miss problem, and other than that there are no issues at all with this pulley set.
  3. I've had them on my 99 cobra for about a year, and had no problems with cooling, charging or vibrations at all. I didn't even really notice a difference in what the gauges normally read during operation. Stayed nice and cool even in Savannah in the summer. I could feel a difference SOTP, and would highly recommend-
  4. Hey tfritz,
    Green light on the Steeda UDP's. :nice:
    We've been running a set on the Snake for almost two years now with absolutely 0% problems.

    Good luck with the job hunt, Bro. ;)
  5. Great buy with the Steeda UDP's. One thing though, It caused some crazy belt squeal. New factory belt wouldn't solve it. I needed a shorter belt.
  6. Nothing a little soap won't fix huh? :D


    Thanks for the luck on the job search, need all I can get in this market. :nonono:
  7. i love then, only problem is the belt noise, i put on a new factory belt but it came back, now i just put some belt dressing on it and it goes away for a week or two then i just put some more on it. i
  8. I hope that does not become a serious problem with mine.

    I'm also thinking with my budget I should be able to just get a K&N filter. Does K&N make any CAI setups? or just the filter. :shrug:
  9. A friend of mine had belt noise on his.... a shorter belt is a band aid though. The real problem is the belt tensioner. We replaced it on his and have had no problems. Hes had them for almost 3 years now. No issues.
  10. I had them, they were great. Make sure you torque the crank pulley bolt correctly though! Only thing I noticed was the alternator guage showed charging voltage was a bit lower than before (due to spinning alt slower) but it was still in the 'normal' range.

  11. Yeah Man, K&N makes the FIPK CAI kit:

    but if you can swing a few more $$$ (for now), I'd suggest you give this a look:
    It also comes with a K&N conical filter in the kit.

    The C&L 80mm MAF is one of the few mods I've added that actually lives up to the advertised HP increases. I dynoed with the stock MAF and then swapped out the MAF for the C&L in about 20 minutes................. instant 13 RWHP increase. The '01 Cobras have a tendency to be set pig rich on the A/F ratios from the factory and the C&L tends to lean it out, which translates to better A/F numbers with no other adjustments.
    Just a suggestion..............................:shrug:
  12. Im not a big fan of all of steeda's stuff but when it comes to pullies they are the only ones I would use.

    my 2 cents
  13. That sounds awsome! and exactly what I've been looking for. But damn the cost for a filter?
    10699 80mm MAF System 1999-2001 4.6L Modular Mustang $269.00 ????$$$$$$ I wouldn't of thought. wow! :eek:

    Any place else sell it cheeper? :shrug: