STEEDA tri-ax shifter for t-5 or t-45

Discussion in 'Drivetrain Parts' started by jeremy canter, Apr 5, 2010.

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  1. this is part no.957-555-7353 out of the JEGS catalog > it will fit all stock 83 to 01 mustang T-5 and T-45 5-speed transmissions . IT WAS USED FOR JUST OVER 500 MILES ....COST 180.00 new > sale here for $140 SHIPPED :flag:
  2. I could give you $100 for it.
  3. shifter

    it's brand new with less that 500 miles on it > I'll go $125
  4. still for sale?

    Ill take it for 125 shipped....

    let me know


  5. waiting on payment from first buyer .
  6. cash here in hand, need a shifter...

  7. ok so it is it still for sale or???????

    I need a shifter now!

  8. yea first buyer never sent money so if you want it send me $125> and it's yours> pay-pal is [email protected]> or you can pick it up if your close by.
  9. I just sent you 125.00 via paypal.

    Let em know when you ship it out.


  10. this has been sold > to jim ^
  11. Jeremy,

    Shifter came in the mail today.

    The only issue I have is you sent a metal shifter in a bubble wrap envelope.
    The shifter rod where the shifter attaches to the assembly was sticking out the side of the envelope when it arrived at my house.
    I am hoping it didnt get bent while intransit. I will know in a few weeks when I get my car back from the body shop freshly painted and can install the shifter and put it thru some trial runs.

    I highly recommend in the future you splurge and use cardboard boxes when shipping a part. Bubble wrap paper envelopes just dont provide the protection of a cardboard box.


  12. sorry , my wife shipped it to you > she's not the brightest when it come's to shipping stuff for me > glad you got it hope it put's a smile on your face>
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.