Steeda Ultra Lite II Chrome 18x9.5 Wheels for sale, Like new!

Discussion in 'Wheels Tires Brakes' started by hollywoodstang, Jun 12, 2010.

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  1. I got these Steeda Ultra Lite version II wheels for sale

    They are New, Well one of them had tire mounted but that's it, It was on a show car and never drove the car,

    Let me know if anyone is interested, These are wheels are $425 per wheel retail
  2. WOW~ no one for these wheels? or the fr500 i got?

    everyone broke?

    Shoot me your offers....
  3. I will consider trade as well, for other wheels, Pro-Stars or welds

  4. bump`

    1200 shipped
  5. ill give you my 18x9 18x10.5 chrome saleens with tires for them.. 315's out back.. [email protected]
  6. what size are the fr500s
  7. Yup, more info on the FR500's please.
  8. Offsets? I'm looking to downgrade from 20s to 18s.
  9. WHATS THE ROCK BOTTOM PRICE ON THE STEEDAS?I can get umm from them at that cost u gotta do better!
  10. im interested in your wheels. would you be willing to trade for some 20x9s. i have a new ad on hear you can see the pics on there
  11. hey man you still got the wheels???
    if you do is the price still standing?
  12. I still have the steedas, The wheels still have no miles on them, But now i put tires on them. You can see the picture of the wheels on the car in my garage section. these wheels cost 450 each and tires costed me 400 each (michelln pilot sport cup R compound tires). I will take off the tires before i will ship it since i would like to keep the tires. if you want the tires as well, then you gotta paymore.

    The FR500 wheels were sold same day i posted them. Sorry
  13. i am very interested... these still for sale??
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.