Steeda vs Bama custom tunes

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  1. I am looking at buying a tuner and cai combo kit and trying to see which tune will be best as far as most efficient and which produces the most power. Any opinions or input would be greatly appreciated.
  2. O forgot to add that I will be adding the boss 302 intake manifold, and axle back with an h pipe in the future
  3. Buy the FRPP CAI & Tuner instead of either one of those you mentioned. Why? Read this TSB from Ford: Ford TSB 11-07-07.pdf
  4. I'm not worried about warranty the owner of the ford dealership is a close family friend
  5. If your engine blows and exhibits symptoms spelled out in that TSB I posted above, you'll be worried then! When it comes to warranty issue like that, you'll probably find yourself in a situation like this guy: Blown up 2011 5.0

    It's been my experience it doesn't matter if your friends with the dealer or not. They don't have much control over warranty. You'll wish you were friends with the Ford zone representative instead!

    Good luck!
  6. If an intake and tune blow my motor I'm looking to buy the wrong car
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  7. It is not clear that you and fomoco both understand what you want to buy. Maybe your expectations align better with a GT500. If a tune and cai blow your motor someone did not understand the design limitations of the engine. 400 na hp from 302 CID is rather efficient, IMO. I hope you find a Mustang that meets your expectations.
  8. Where can I buy the frpp intake and tuner I saw American muscle has a k and n drop in and tuner but that's it
  9. Actually scratch that last comment, tj @ steeda cleared everything up about what I needed to know.
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  10. Bama, they have a warrenty for you if your engine blows and ford will not cover it. They will. I dont think steeda has this.

  11. Glad to hear. Our in house car has over 17,000 miles on it to date with Zero issues. Our Steeda Tune and Cold air have been on it since day 1. Last year it went to several drag races, NMRA and FFW events, but it's also been road raced at Homestead Raceway, Sebring and Palm Beach International Raceway. Then throw in the fact Evan Smith of MM&FF has "borrowed" it a couple times as well as our friends at 5.0 Mustang. All this with the same tune that can be ordered through Steeda. A tune that when equipt with our CAI, 3.73 gears and Nitto tires got us a best ET of 11.88. Not too shabby for under a grand worth of parts.

    Biggest problem with other tuners is them turning off sensors and things. Steeda does not, we have worked very hard to develop a tune that will only improve your pony.
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  12. When i worked at dealers it was primarily the dealers call. In a #8 failure situation unless ford comes down and checks for the codes themselves then its ultimately the service writers decision
  13. ATISTANG, I'm not sure where or when you worked at a Ford dealer, but service writers have no authority as to whether a vehicle repair is warranty or not. Never have, never will. If they are making decisions like this then the dealership is not following Ford warranty policy.

    An angry customer as would be the case if their engine blowed is going to be complaining to everyone who will listen and this eventually will lead to a call to Ford customer service by the owner. If this happens a zone rep will usually contact the service manager to discuss the vehicle in question and may result in the rep making a visit to the dealership. Seeing how there is a TSB on engine damage to 5.0 Mustangs as a result of aftermarket tunes and components, there is a known concern here. This doesn't leave the owner of a modified vehicle much recourse. Anything can happen though, you could find yourself with a sympathetic zone rep or service manager. I my self wouldn't risk it. Replacing a 5.0 is not a cheap repair.

    Bottom line is no one knows these engines better than Ford themselves. I would go with FRPP if I was going to do mods to my car. Just my opinion.
  14. The FRPP tune wont support the Boss intake modification he wants to do, that requires significant calibration changes.

    Like Long Stroke mentioned we have over 17,000 fairly abusive miles on the our car with the same calibration me mail order to our customers with zero issues. If you search other popular forums like Mustang Source you will find many customers completely satisfied with our tuning and more importantly, zero failures.

    Now as far as warranty goes, yes you will roll the dice with any modification and your warranty, if warranty is your concern the only safe move is doing nothing, however we have a top notch, safe calibration for the Boss intake setup with many miles and R&D behind it that you can't go wrong with.
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  15. Is there a Bama rep that can confirm this?
  16. Use google. They cover the #8 cylinder. That's why I chose them.
  17. That's a crock of crap! I just replaced a PCM on an 11 because my customer decided to go with one of those "freebie" tune guys, you know what Ford Tech line asked when I requested pre approval for warranty replacement? "Do you see any aftermarket equipment?" My reply, "Yes a set of Roush Mufflers" Techline "Those don't affect PCM go ahead and order one for warranty replacement" Me. "Thank you"

    That is what that TSB addresses, blown up motors due to tune morons not knowing how to adjust for twin Vct and/or not familiar with the Copperhead PCM software. If you stick with real tuner like Steeda you'll be alright.
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  18. Steeda vs. Bama?... No question, Steeda all the way.

    Long story short, ordered the SCT & tune from Steeda based on a recommendation here. Ran it for awhile and decided to order the Bama tunes ($150) to see if I could get any more out of the car. The first set of tunes from Bama had problems, my transmission would drop out of gear on a kick down (the car lost all power and bogged down). Called bama, got 3 more tunes... loaded them, weather turned to crap so the car sat, a few weeks later I decided to drive the car on a short trip and it happened twice (once in front of other cars while trying to merge into traffic). Called again, was told to remove the race tune and try a performance tune, car did it again! They wrote one more tune... this time I didn't even get to the highway from my house and it did it. At this point, I figured we wasted enough of each others time... I called again and asked for my money back.

    The employee's at Bama where very nice and told me they refunded the money to my card (haven't checked yet, but I will on the next statement). Every time I called, they seemed willing to work with me to solve the problem... but my car is my baby... its not a test vehicle. With that said, I honestly don't think bama knows the auto tranny 5.0's as well as they should.

    Back to the Steeda tune... Its nice and aggressive. Haven't had one problem with the 92 tune that they wrote. It seems like the car pulls harder on top, but maybe lacks some of the bottom end power that Bama had... which perhaps doesn't matter much since the stock Pirelli's can't find traction I believe it was Todd that I've dealt with at Steeda... super nice guy.

    If your running an auto, get the Steeda for sure. Just my 2 cents...
  19. +1
  20. Scary.