Steeda vs Bama custom tunes

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  1. I don't understand the point you are trying to make, or what you consider a "crock of crap" as you put it.

    I agree with that statement, so what's the problem?

    Just a few weeks a ago we had a 2011 Mustang 5.0 in for the concern spelled out in the TSB. We found it had an aftermarket tune, CAI, and exhaust on it. The customer had to flip the bill on the replacement engine. I'm fairly certain that our zone rep was involved in the decision to void the powertrain warranty on this car.
  2. After reading this I have made up my mind. Looks like I'll go with Steeda for a CAI and tune.
    I think there are a lot of tune jockey's out there. Steeda is a big outfit and I don't think they would put out a tune they weren't sure of. As some of the folks have stated here, the PCM on these cars are way more complicated than ever before. Ya know that it's way more than timing and fuel tables. The wild card is cam phasing and more. The first thing that I'd do is have the car dyno'd to chart the A/F to redline. I see why Ford is cracking down on bogus tunes. My 2 cents.
  3. +1 for Steeda here. I had a Bama tune. There were issues that were not able to be cured with the Bama tune. Steeda tune cleared it right up.
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  4. Steeda all the way. I've got their CAI, tune, ultralite springs, HD upper mounts, and panhard bar and everything is top notch.

    Flawless tune that provides gobs of power while still being conservative.
  5. Awesome, thats what we Love to hear!!
  6. I'm using BAMA from AM. No problems to date.
  7. This man PERSONALLY did my Dyno Tune. Love it, and have sent others there. Wont say anything bad about Bama because I dont know. I do know that Steeda's tune is safe and awesome.. My AFR is pegged at 11.94 at WOT. Picked up OVER 40 HP and 35 TQ with it at the wheels.
  8. Sorry to bring up an old thread, but I'm researching. Hoping to finally get in to adding some mods this summer. How is Steeda with tunes AFTER installation? It appears from what I'm reading, Bama provides free tunes if I add other mods down the line.....

  9. You should call Steeda, but I was told that I would be taken care of, as long as I bought my performance parts from them.
  10. Can't say personally but you don't get a rep as good as Steeda has by leaving customers out in the cold. Call 'em and let us know :)
  11. Original post was Steeda vs Bama custom tunes. There have been several opinions of both.

    ***Any time you modify a vehicle you risk the possibility of voiding the warranty*** Duh!

    Most of us already have hand held tuners, I hold an SCT from Americam Muscle with multiple tunes from Bama.
    What are the options for us guys with mods and tuners regarding tunes? In other words, does anybody have a current list of companies that do mail order tunes?
  12. I know I'm a bit late on this one but didn't buy my Mustang till July 2014 and didn't get my tuner till 6 months later. I mainly got it because of the weak 114mph top speed of a 305hp car. I don't know what Ford was thinking with that. As far as I know the V6 Camaro, Challenger, and Charger aren't limited in such a way. I also found by watching YouTube videos and reading online my generation of Mustang, mainly the 2011s, are prone to have driveshaft failure on speeds greater than 130mph. Due to this I have never gone over 127. I have the SCT tuner which has a Steeda intake option on it, so I assume they somehow work with the Steeda company. This tuner was purchased from MPT Performance on The MPT tunes, I downloaded 6 with different options, all made the car not perform as intended and also skipped during shifting. Being I felt this was creating unnecessary wear on the car, I decided not to use them but instead use the options already available in the SCT tuner itself. I've had no issue with it as long as I'm not doing anything stupid like changing the axle ratio without physically doing it too.. which I almost damaged the car by doing.. and it works great! It's much quicker, has smooth shifting, and the Steeda intake option seems to work well with my Airaid intake. Not to brag but I haven't come across another V6 that can match me and can keep up with the newer GTs no problem. I also did modify my intake for max airflow, so that helps too, but it's nice having a high performance car which didn't cost me much extra and with no issues. If you haven't already decided on a tuner my suggestion would be the SCT. Good luck! B)
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  13. Just bought my 2012 5.0 still sitting in my garage waiting for spring here in upstate Ny but been on the fence about tuning it i already have a sct x/3 from my 3.7.I had a mpt tune on that but because of the #8 past issues want the safest tune on it if i do got that route steeda sounds like one the best as far as zero issues go ..So thanks for the input on the steeda tune made my choice a little easier, Ahhh just realized this was a older thread
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  14. You might get 25 HP out of anyone's "canned tune" and if you have a manual trans I'd go with BAMA......very responsive and lifetime upgrades!!:nice: Auto trans management is an art form and most tuners don't have a clue!!:scratch:

    I'd can the BOSS intake and CAI since the BOSS only helps at high RPM's and the CAI just makes noise......spend you money elsewhere!!:cheers:
  15. This is an old thread but I've had a Steeda 93 tune since 1,000 miles. I now have over 40,000 without a hiccup.