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  1. about how low is the steeda front splitter??
  2. I don't know if anyone could answer that for you, I mean if the stang is lowered it would be different that if it wasn't, right!
  3. ok... let me clarify... if it fits on a v6 bumper? low would the steeda front splitter be on a stock suspesion v6 ?? like in inches
  4. ANYONE?????? :bang:
  5. about this much :worship: JK

    Just trying to help keep it on top...bump.
  6. give them a call: 954 960-0774
  7. What he said. People should always call the manufacturer if they want definitive answers, not ask people here on the boards questions that common sense should have directed them to do otherwise. Everyone's car is different here especially taking in to consideration that a lot of us here don't let the car go stock for long.