Steepest gear ratio ever ran? (i run 4.56) Anyone try 4.88? 5.71?


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May 3, 2017
I want to hear the steepest ratio that anyone has ran?

Me personally, i hold 4.56 gears. i love it. At the expense of first and second gear peel-out during 3/4 throttle its a noticeable gain cruising.
When i floor it while cruising the cars front end lifts up some. no, not off the ground, but weight lifts off the suspension. I am on stock, used tires. Better ones should help a lot with grip. I am also using a locked differential. If i had 100% grip,lol, bye-bye neck bones. No doubt i couldn't hold my neck forward if i had 100% tire grip.

Those stock 2.73 gears are disgusting. I never even drove the car when i got it before i swapped the gears (but i have driven a 2.73 Mustang).

Now i 'm really curious about 4.88's. i found a good deal for the R&P for $185.
But if i swap to an 8.8" rear i could try a 5.71 which would be absolutely be.. i dunno..maybe dumb? lol. But i'd like to try it !

Anyone try 4.88's or 5.71 ? It's a rare sight to see or even hear of but thought i'd ask.
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check back later..
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Jul 20, 2014
Taylorsville ky
I had 4.88’s in a 4wd truck before-but it’s intended purpose was truck pulls-high gear and 5K rpm usually translated to about 45-55 mph cruising speed lol. I honestly couldn’t imagine trying to street drive what I’m assuming is a V6 5 speed mustang with 4.88’s or steeper-IMHO that would kill most of the functionality of said car


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Aug 14, 2009
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Sounds like you should reach out to @stick shift as he has a set of 4.88's he's trying to sell.

If you are getting tires with some serious grip, then maybe consider using a racing style pinion spacer (crush sleeve eliminator). The stock crush sleeve could be vulnerable to loosening up after initial crush.

Crush sleeve eliminator kit for Ford 8.8″ & 7.5″
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