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  1. I don't like the airbag wheel on my 92. I'd rather have a custom wheel. I also would like to add tilt column.

    How would I go about doing the swap? How do I address the cruise control buttons since I'd like to keep that functional as it currently is?

    Any help or insight (including talking me out of it if necessary) would be greatly appreciated.
  2. John,

    I would not advise removing the airbag for several reasons. One, it is there as a safety device to save your life. Two, if you sell the car you'll have an issue with tampering with the air bag device.

    That being said, if you want an aftermarket wheel with tilt, it is easier by swapping in a pre 90 column from another mustang with CC- as a bonus you will also have tilt. I believe the harness connectors are different and you will need swap out the lock cylinder and disable the airbag light on the dash. You'll need to fab up a bracket for the CC buttons or guys encorporate them into the center column or dash. Do a google search and you will find how its done.
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  3. ^^ Done, what would I even say after that Mike?
  4. I swapped out mine but not until the BS3 removed the EEC thus killing the airbag.

    it was a easy swap and I too hated the airbag wheel
  5. what, you guys don't like the taxi cab look?
  6. SN95 wheel swap always a possibility.

    Easiest on a 1993, but can be done on 90-92