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  1. Im planing on changing out all my steering components on my 65 which was origanally a 6 cyclinder car and now has a v8, should i keep with all components under it that were intended for the I6 or should i get all for the V8? im also keeping with the stock manual steering box. could use some help on this?
  2. i would change to v8 . the six tie rod studs are very small compared to the v8
    and if you use v8 spindles the six tie rods will not work
  3. x2.
  4. So if I get all component parts it should all bolt right in?
  5. It is all bolt in. Some things are the same on both I6 and V8's, like the UCA. and LCA. It's really not too many parts that need to be changed, springs, centerlink, idler arm, tie rods and spindles are pretty much it and they aren't overly costly . You can use your old box and becuase the 6 is so much lighter, it's probably not that worn. Most I6 boxes were 20:1 unless they were power steering. You can use a PS box on a manual steer car and take advantage of the faster 16:1 ratio, just order manual steer parts. I did.
  6. Ok sounds good that's what I'll do, I just wanted to verify before I ordered anything thanks
  7. Just keep in mind you only need the parts that are DIFFERENT, unless you are replacing the old worn out parts anyway. If your UCA and LCA are 'fresh', they are fine. The I6 springs are a thinner wire, I believe, so that should be obvious. The other steering components you need will be labeled as I6 or V8 parts on any of the supplier websites.
  8. how do i determine if the spindles on the car are for the v8 or I6, someone has already swapped out and did the granda disc brakes conversion but i dont know what it actually came off of.
  9. if it is a Grande swap they will already be V 8 spindles . do you have any pics ?
  10. Keep in mind the Granada spindles are not exactly the same as 65 V8 spindles. Some people report have bumpsteer when using them with lowered front ends or really large tires. They also require a different tie rod end OR MustangSteve's 'sleeve' to use 65 tie rods ends
  11. I currently dont have any pictures right now of whats on there, but i do have bump steer issues now so i planned on doing the sleeve or orther items that i ran across for the bump steer issues that i have found. ill try to get a pic of them soon.
  12. The sleeve won't solve the bumpsteer. Barr has adjustable tie rods that are supposed to do so but I have no experience with them. The real cure is to use 65-66 spindles and brakes.

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  13. Sorry. Damn autcorrect! Baer.

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  14. Oh, Ok! ill check it out
  15. I have manual steering with the quick ratio steering box and an Opentacker roller idler arm. My car also has Granada brakes. This setup seems to work well. I am using Mustang Steve adapters.
  16. I have all grab a track steering components now with putter tie rods from Oreilly auto parts and just got an alignment and seems to be ok so far it's just really tight when making a sharp turn but other than that I'm satisfied but thinking in the future of adding power steering to help make life a little simpler!!
  17. Adding power steering doesn't really simplify anything.
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  18. My 65 was downright scary to drive with Granada spindles, even with the Baer Tracker bumpsteer kit. I peddled the granada stuff on Ebay and went back to the stock spindles and aftermarket discs and couldn't be happier.