Steering Pump Line Fittings

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  1. I'm having trouble finding the correct fittings/lines and I hope someone here can help me.

    I have an 87 mustang with a 70 351w

    How in the world are you guys connecting the old style steering pump to the mustangs rack n pinion?
    Everywhere I take the pump and hose to looks at me like i'm a whack job.

    Is there an adaptor or are you guys putting different pumps on?

    thanks in advance.
  2. Below is what the pump fitting looks like, I need to adapt this fitting to the hose that goes to the rack n pinion.

  3. I think people use the 302 steering pump with a special 351 bracket if I'm not mistaking
  4. This is probably way too late, but out in corn and wheat contry, NAPA stores often make hydraulic lines. If you have the ends or one of each hose, you could be set. Crimping the ends on a new hose or crimping in a splice are things we did regularly.