Steering wheel insert removal

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  1. Does anyone know how the silver inserts are attached to the steering wheel and how hard they would be to remove. I'm looking at removing mine to pre and repaint them. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Painted inserts are available, from Moss Mustang, I think. I believe they also have installation instructions on line.
  3. Thanks that helps a lot. Looks like I might have a little project for this weekend.
  4. I have considered adding the red inserts since I have a torch red car with red interior. Moss Motors only published a photo of the inserts in a silver color which looks like the factory inserts. I would love to see what the red ones look like.
    Has anyone does this? Is it too much red, just the right amount or what?
    I would love to see a photo if anyone has done this.
  5. i think for the interior if your matching the the color of the car subtle touches ! Dont go all gottie and paint everything red but like the steering wheel inserts and little pieces here and there look great !
  6. I agree with subtle. That's why I would like to see photos of these inserts.
    I wish sellers had them posted. Why offer them in color and then post a photo that looks like factory pieces?
    Anyone have photos or opinions? I don't want to spend the money unless I think I will be happy with the look. I definitely do not want to over do it.
  7. Thanks. That helps. I still can't decide. I wish I could see the inserts with a red interior.
  8. I ordered the carbon fiber steering spoke trim covers from ssinserts, just waiting on the mail man lol
  9. I saw those. I understand they will not fit the upgraded wheel which I have. Please post photos and tell us how the install is. Thanks.
  10. speaking of steering wheels, does any body know where I can find the badge in the center of the airbag cover? I've been trying to find them online forever but no one seems to have anything.
  11. I just noticed that Moss Mustangs instructions show the wheel off the car and the air bag out.
    Can the inserts be installed with the wheel in the car and the air bag in place?
  12. Yes, they can be removed while sitting in the driver seat:nice:
  13. Do you need a tool of any kind? I kind or pulled on mine a bit and they did not seem to want to give.
    I quit to avoid any damage or an air bag in the face.
  14. No tool needed. Just grip the insert at the outer edge of the wheel and gently pull towards you. It will begin to lift up from the wheel. Then I just slowly rocked it forward and back until the tabs near the wheel center started pulling out. At that point you can just grab the main part and pull it away from the wheel. It's only held in place by several compression clips.
  15. I wish someone would make a kit that was a brushed aluminum look. I think itd look good. As for painted spokes, the first thing I think of is a highschool kids wanna be ricer that got attacked with spray paint,lol. Looks cheap in my opinion.