Roush Steering wheel shake?

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  1. I read somewhere this is a typical problem on Saleen's, anyway I've got it bad between 45-60mph. The car's an 07 Heritage. Any fixes for this? The dealer told me to put 1000 miles on it and if it does not go away bring it back, but obviously they dont know crap about this, so I'm asking the experts:) Thanks.
  2. fix

    By no means am I an expert but maybe its an alignment problem? But yeah car and it has steering problems? Has it been abused? not by you but the dealer? But yeah if I can give you advice, don't let them kiss you off. Stay on 'em. Make it right.
  3. Any rim 18 and bigger can be a PITA to balance.
    I'd take the car to a well known tire place where they put tires on high end rims, not some cheapo dump, because the machines to do a good balance on big rims is very expensive.
    Get all 4 balanced, should cost you about $15 per tire.

    The rims on my xp8 need balancing about once every 10,000 miles.
  4. Precisely. Its either a balance problem or an issue with tire wear (which is not likely, if you have very low mileage). I just drove another owner's '06 S281SC this weekend and neither of our cars had any sort of steering wheel shake issues.

    I've read a few owners complain about steering wheel shake on other boards and flatly declare this to be a "common problem" with S197 Saleens, but I have not heard a single one of those owners say they had their tires balanced by a good tire shop (as opposed to your local Firestone, etc.).

    Have a go at it and let us know what happens.
  5. I'll try that. The other thing I forgot to mention is that it was a left over 07, been sitting on the lot awhile. Somebody mentioned that it might have developed flat spots from sitting that long,dunno. I guess its possible, I assumed radials didint do that like bias tires will, but I've been wrong before. I'm not letting the dealer off the hook by no means. I'll push for new tires if I have too. Thanks for the help.
  6. I agree with the possible flat spotting of the tires. I would drive it for 500-1000 miles and see if it goes away first
  7. There's a cheap easy way to fix flat spots.
    Couple smokey burnouts should do it.
    Then put the fronts on the back (temporarily) and do the same.
  8. Check the balance on all wheels. My S281 did the same and I had the dealer balance the wheels and they were all off. That is probably the issue.
  9. I have an 06 E car bought brand new with 26 mi and its had that 60mph shake always i have hade them balenced twice and still was there, the dealer put on another set of 7 spoke wheels and it still did it so i just settled then i recently bought the new 5 spoke E wheels and put nitto invo tires on them better but still there. the dealer once said it could be a problem with the hub and that would be ford and im not going to go through the wait and hassle i just go faster then 60.