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  1. So my '87 came from the previous owner with the wheel off of a '90 or later car. I got the correct wheel and went to mount it up today. When I got the old wheel off there was all the stuff for the newer wheel, but the wiring harness was not hooked up, for obvious reasons. So my question is, what wiring harness/column/shroud do I need to make it right?
  2. 87-89

    The 90+ had all the provisions for the airbag.
  3. for the shroud/cover peice?
  4. If you're looking for just the shroud then you will likely need the shroud from a 90+. The other option would be to install a column from 87-89. Whichever column you use, you're going to need the harness for it.

    Personally, I would be looking for another column because that airbag will not function in that car without a lot of other modifications. The other thing is that the 87-89 columns were tilt but I don't think that the 90+ were.
  5. I'm not sure if I was clear, but I am pulling the 90+ wheel and replacing it with the proper wheel. So maybe the more appropriate question would be, how do I identify if the steering column is the right one for a '87-'89 car?

    Sorry for the confusion :shrug:
  6. Yeah... lol At first I thought I read your post wrong then tried re-reading to see what I missed and I still don't have it right. LOL

    If I'm getting you right, I'll refer you to my post above and say that I THINK the 90+ were not tilt wheel while the 87-89 are. So look for that.


    You can see the handle for the tilt on the right hand side of the column. This pic is from an 89.

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    Here's what I'm working with. The previous owner tossed the key lock, which I'm ok with.

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