Steigmeier Safe?

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  1. I purchased a used supercharger off this guy and he said it was going to ship tomorrow. I've heard nothing since and Ir have no confirmation of this purchase. Should I be worried or are these guys good to deal with?
  2. I got Da Twin Screw cause I am a BOSS
  3. Steigmeier is pretty reputable!
  4. Yeah, steggy is pretty reliable.
  5. Yeah I called today and they said there was a death in the family so they are a bit behind but my supercharger should ship tomorrow. Guess il have to take their word for it! I just find it odd how I have not got a confirmation or receipt
  6. everyone I know that's used them has never had a problem. Sounds pretty legit to me for an excuse.
  7. everyone ive talked to there seems really really nice! Im just anxious to get my car togerther. Summer in Canada doesnt last very long lol
  8. Should have bought the Kenne Bell.
  9. I would have too IF funds had allowed ... besides, I know of some kenne belle cars that have put down lower numbers than mine :)

  10. Number are all in the tuning. I have people with Kenne Bells that are putting out less than me and more than me. Its all in the tuning.
  11. Agreed
  12. Fixt.
  13. You're right, because centri's are much faster than PD blowers in any form :nice:
  14. Ha ha ha
  15. :p
  16. is it running yet?
  17. Steggy is good. If Posi were still in business, Id recommend one or the other.
  18. Lol.
  19. yeah just got it back together lastnight. Seems to idle pretty good, maybe a bit lean, but pretty good for the most part. My tuner is away until tuesday for the Canadian long weekend so il figure out when im dynoing it then!
  20. Hope you see some great #s!