stereo/speakers for 68

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  1. Never been inside a mustang dash before. My cousin has a very nice condition 68 that is in need of stereo work. Firstly, it's completely original, even the stereo. I know it has a lot more value with the stock radio in place and working, but they don't have intentions of re-selling the vehicle, at least not anytime soon.

    Firstly, the stereo doesn't push out any sound. Speakers turn on with the stereo, but that's about it. No noise or anything come out other than the faint whirr noise you can hear when speakers have power going to them in an idle state.

    What should I begin to look for? Loose antenna connection? Bad ground?

    Now onto the modernization:

    Basically they just want some good sound in it which means a basic modern stereo and some modern speakers, nothing overkill. They are going to still keep the original system, they just want something modern in the car.

    Has anybody put one in a completely stock mustang? Any special connector I need or is it just straight forward wiring? Thanks!
  2. It's the easiest stereo install you'll ever do. The stock wiring is just power & illumination dimming, and the single speaker in the dash. The biggest challenge will be finding something to fit if you don't want to cut the bezel. Read the forums to get opinions, but there are several choices that are made to fit the dash by Mustang parts vendors.

    So in short, it's pretty straightforward; you can use bullet connectors to tap the factory plug without cutting the harness.