stereo sub wiring ?

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  1. well I have one mono amp and its a 1 channel amp. I have two subs. what's the best way to wire them? (explanation will be fine if ya don't have a picture for me.)
  2. what is the RMS wattage rating of the monoblock amp?

    and are your subs dual voice coil or single?

    what is the RMS wattwage raing on the subs?

    i can help you out even more if you provide me with this info
  3. 350X1 RMS on amp, 300 max on subs, single voice coil.
  4. thats ez, you got to wire them in parallel

    -first of all, you must use some speaker wire to attach the postive and negative leads from the subwoofer, to the ports on your box. just match positive and negative up with their respective colors. (red and black). you have two subs, so just do exactly the same thing for both sides.

    -after that is all done, you just run them to the amp. now since you want the impedance to divide by 2 to get a 2ohm load out of the amp, you msut wire them like this....

    -your amp is monoblock, so it will only have one set of positive and negative. all you do is take both positive and both negative leads from each end of the box(subwoofer) and run them to the postive and negative on the amp.

    -there is only one pair, so they share. that is how you get a paralell circuit, which is what you want. you have 2x 4 omh subs which you want a 2ohm load (for maximum power)

    -if you want a pic, i'll trry my best to draw up a ghetto diagram, but its pretty stright forward. jst match up postive and negatives.
  5. nahhh, already wired. Thanks!