stereo wires?

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  1. Does any one here have a wiring diagram or something for the stereo in a 91? I'm looking for the color-coding scheme.
  2. yeah i need it to.. i have a cd plaer in it now but it wont shut off with the car.. gotta shut it off manually
  3. did you cut the wires to the stock wiring harness? if not then buy a wire harness at discount auto or autozone or anywhere whatever, and use that, the wires on those harnesses are prelabeled, that's how i put the CD player in my 92. ( although in retrospect, i think the harness made it a little easier on whoever stole that very nice CD player *sob* )... but even if you decide not to use or keep the harnes you can still use the wires on it as a guide, match them to the wires on your stang, then return it and get your money back... lol did that for my 87 EXP ... mwa hahahaaa
  5. oh, the red wire to the accesory fuse, the yellow one to wherever you have it now
    hope it's some help, usually the color coding in car stereo is pretty standard, and the wires from ur stock radio might even have red for the red one and yellow for the other, i don't really remember cause i used the harness from the store and just matched colors
  6. I believe the yellow is like the ignition wire, this one cuts the radio off when you cut the car off.
  7. :shrug: oh maybe i was wrong... that happens a lot :bang:

    but i'm pretty sure according to EIA code, these are the colors

    RED - Switched power
    YELLOW - Constant Power
    BLUE - Power Antenna
    BLUE/WHITE - Amp Remote or Accessory turn-on lead
    BLACK - Ground
    ORANGE - Dimmer
    GRAY - Front Right
    WHITE - Front Left
    VIOLET - Rear Right
    GREEN - Rear Left
  8. josh got it right i bought an cd player and speakers from crutchfield and they included the wiring harness and digram of all the wires