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  1. Trying to hook up a new stereo in my 91 Fox vert. Hooked everything up and have power but no sound. I searched wiring diagrams and my wires are different colors than what the diagrams show. Is there another layout possibly? I've tried hooking up the positives and then a seperate ground and still nothing????
  2. take a look at my double din thread, had a wiring part you may like.

  3. I looked at the thread but didn't see any thing about wiring.
  4. The speaker wiring is through one if the two small square plug as pictured in the pics.
  5. Do you have premium sound? Is the factory amp still installed and/or bypassed?

    My factory amp was removed by the previous owner so I didn't have to mess with it. Anyway, what I would do is plug in the adapter harness and look at the + and - speaker wires that will connect to the new head unit.

    For example: The Green (+) and Green/Black (-) wires on the new harness/adapter.

    Trace those wires back to the stock harness and try to match the color with that in the door, dash, or rear. You'll also want a multimeter to make sure it is a direct connection.

    I ran new wire to my speakers but I wasn't able to get the new wire through the door jambs and I gave up and spliced it into the old wire. I used the same method I gave you.
  6. Any reason that you didn't just spend the $30 on a wiring harness adapter?
  7. I went and bought it and mine was hooked up through the amp speaker side. I don't need my harness anymore and bought it at best buy for $19.99 if someone needs it :nice:
  8. I did use the wiring harness adapters and it didn't work. Power no sound. I have the rectangle plugs. There are 8 speaker wires from the stereo but only 5 wires in the factory plugs.
  9. Did your stereo work before you installed this CD player? You need to trace your wires and make sure they run to your speakers, they may be cut somewhere. If not , some people use a 9v battery to "pop" they're speakers. It's used mainly to determine which wire is +/- but you could use it just to find out which wires are which (assuming you've already found your power, ground, acc etc)
  10. Yes the factory radio worked fine. Still does if I plug it back in.
  11. Looks like a few have already touched on it above.

    If your car has a factory amp, you are going to either need an interface harness or you will need to bypass it directly. Just hooking up an aftermarket head unit to the speaker wires, correct or not, is not going to work.

    You can probably find an interface at Crutchfield or possibly even directly from a company like Metra.

    In my case, I just removed the factory amp completely and have it boxed away with the factory head. (My '92 had the premium sound) Then I used a wiring diagram on a non-premium system from and traced the wires to the premium connectors and figured it out this way. Of course, this is just all temporary for me until I finish the custom work and ALL of the factory stuff is coming out. :)

    Please just let me know if there is anyway I can help.

    Best of luck.

  12. Where would said amp be located?
  13. The one on my '92 was behind the head unit, on a bracket mounted to the transmission hump. It's about 5.5" long and about 3.5" deep. It has cooling fins (heat sink) and is angled at the corners.

    Even though I'm not positive, several running year models had it located here. I know in some later year models, and other cars as well, you will find them in the trunk, under seats, in the kick panels, etc.
  14. I had the same issue on my '91 gt, and have the factory amp, I just by passed it by hooking up all the positive speaker wires in the harness to stereo like you normally would. Then combined all the negative to one they all share the negative. Pretty Wierd but my stereo works like a champ now.

  15. Looks like I have to find that amp. Thanks everyone for all the input.
  16. Get the adapter harness. The amp is behind the radio until 93. removed the plugs from the amp there is a black plug.Splice your new radio wires into the plug and mate it with the black plug from the amp.