Roush Steve Saleen Honored with Lee Iacocca Award at Mustangs Northwest Roundup

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    Left to right, Rick Schmidt, Steve Saleen, Bill Smallwood III

    Bellevue, Washington -- July 18, 2009 -- SOEC Exclusive -- by Jim Dvorak

    In a hotel atrium full of Mustang enthusiasts gathered for the 29th annual banquet of the Mustangs Northwest Roundup, a very surprised Steve Saleen was presented with the prestigious Lee Iacocca award for his "dedication to excellence in perpetuating an American automotive tradition."

    Since starting Saleen in 1983, Mr. Saleen has been a significant contributor to the Mustang hobby through is racing, automotive manufacturing and aftermarket parts businesses, as well as his public appearances and interactions with fans.

    The trophy was presented jointly by National Parts Depot's Rick Schmidt and Saleen owner and enthusiast Bill Smallwood III, who resides on the organizing committee of the Mustangs Northwest Roundup.

    Steve and Liz Saleen have been attending and supporting the Mustangs Northwest Roundup since 1993, an event which has been known as the "World's largest annual gathering of Mustangs," and is also established as the largest gathering of Saleens year after year. The Mustangs Northwest committee attribute much of their success to the continued support of Mr. and Mrs. Saleen.

    Other honors Mr. Saleen has received in the past include being inducted into the Mustang Hall of Fame.

    The Lee Iacocca Award was created by the Iacocca Foundation for car clubs and shows to acknowledge car enthusiasts and their passion for maintaining an American tradition. This beautiful award is a one of a kind elegant plaque with a likeness of Lee Iacocca and his signature engraved in gold. The Iacocca Foundation supports Type 1 diabetes research.

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  2. Congrats Steve, you deserve it from all you years of support up there!:nice: