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  2. I idle around stoic 14.7 it is a fact that richening the idle will stabilize it but im stubborn and the leaner idle sounds amazing.

    we can always try to set you up with closed loop idle.
  3. We can't do CL with my car as I have tried for 6-months to get it to work. The issue is the AOD and how it activates. The warm-up setting works fantastic, and is super easy to maintain and setup
  4. I take it the car dies when you put it in gear? If that's the case then you can use the neutral safety switch input that's already in the computer Harness to tell The ECU when to add dashpot so the car stays at a steady idle when engaging the converter.

    Pm me I can give you my # and walk you through the setup if you like but if open loop works well for you great. I have done many setups where this is the case.
  5. I may take you up on this when I put the new 4R70W transmission in the car. I was able to correct the dying when put into gear by increasing the "D" in the PID control, and increasing the throttle stop screw a little so you dont have to rely on the IAC.

    I had a couple issues with CL:
    1. Dying when going into reverse from drive (the neutral safety switch idea may fix this)
    2. It activating PID at the wrong time (this is due to automatics lugging in low rpms making the computer think its idling and its not, so it actives dropping the duty below normal. When you get to idle the CL won't re-engage to bring the idle back up or dies)

    #2 I may be able to increase the Load Threshold to right below in gear load rather than right below my out of gear. I was trying to get the idle at 850 for both in and out of gear situations. I don't think that is possible.
  6. To be clear are you refering to the acutal guage because you can only set BGD range setting mode hi to 19.7 or you refering to the AFR calabretion where you asked me to put 0=10 and 4=18?

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  7. There are two of us whom have given information about the WB calibration and setup. I have always seen the gauge calibration and the tunerstudio calibration match, i believe somthing is amiss with the settings you have.
    Since i am not the original adviser i will pass this back off to @5.0Thunder

    I want to wait until this issue is resolved befrore moving forward
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  8. Ok thanks
  9. @[email protected]

    Here is the instruction manual I found for your WB:

    Based on the brief review of the instructions it seems all the calibration is done within the gauge. What @a91what I believe is saying and I agree is that the wideband settings need to be the same from your gauge and TunerStudio for your readings to be correct.

    Your gauge reads a 0-4V range and you set the low and high readings within the gauge.

    Answer this two questions:

    1. What is your low setting (aka 0V)?
    2. What is your high setting (aka 4V)?
  10. hi is 18
    On the gauge BGD range setting mode, Lo goes from 9.9 - 14.8
    Hi goes from14.9 - 19.7

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  11. So confirming that you have your BGD High Range is set to 18? What is the Low?
  12. @a91what

    From what I can tell the WB is setup correctly based on what he is saying. Just trying to help
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  13. No problem, maybe there is no issue.... twohawks what does your WB report when the car is idling? maybe your wb has a smoothing function i am not aware of on my end. as long as what i see in the datalog matches what you have on the gauge we are good to go.

    basically the reading never goes above about 15.2 and never below 14.3ish. Thanks if this is found to be true then i can redo the tune real quick and we can move on.

    How is the car responding to the tune files i am sending you? I need some human feedback from time to time. sensors only tell me so much
  14. Upon cold start, accelerator can not be released or car will die until it warms up. Car serges thereafter for several minutes until it reaches about 120*-140*. Car apears to be running rich. If I take the car to 3000 RPM it backfires.When car reaches about 180* the RPM's are slightly 900-1000, but runs steady. Occillates ever so slightly. Car stumbles and pops when reaches 10 on the TPS gauge, but smooth thereafter..
  15. Ok I will reduce the warm-up enrichment this should help considerably. Now once it's warm idling what is the AFR? Remember that 14.7 is stoic or a perfect burn, below this is richer and above is leaner.
    11.8-12.3 is boost
    12.3-12.8 is wot N/A
    13.4-14 light acceleration
    14.4-16 cruise
    Idle can fall anywhere between 13-15
    These are just rough guidelines each engine wants something different.

    I'm uncertain how much you know about tuning so forgive me if I come off harsh or if I overexplain things.
    Patience is key once we get this sorted out the tune will progress quickly
  16. Thanks. Car reads between 14.7 and 14.9 at idle when warm. Trying to learn much as possibly. I basically turn all the wrenches on my car and only have a mediocre knowledge on tuning. So teach me Sensai. Lol
  17. Great! That means the datalog was correct. Let me whip up a new revision 1.3 and tomorrow you can do a datalog from cold-start all the way up to full warm.
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  18. @[email protected] here is the revised tune to get the datalog with. please also provide feedback.

    The major changes in this tune revision include.
    significantly lowering the warmup enrichment curve and altering the acceleration enrichment pw settings.

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