Sticking Pedal 1991 5.0 Gt

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  1. My IAC was bad so I replaced with an old one i had out of an escort. After i replaced it and readjusted the idle the gas pedal started sticking. Its not sticking as in accelerating but its sticking closed. My mustang has a 5 speed with a 4.10 rearend so to give it a bunch of gas to get the pedal unstuck every time i shift gears isnt all that confortable. I already took off the air intake tube and cleaned the throttle body and it didnt do anything. i sprayed the springs and all the linkages with WD40 still didnt do anything. Any ideas?
  2. Disconnect the cable from the throttle body an the gas pedal and run it back and forth to see if the problem is in the cable. Then check the throttle body seperately. There is a special cleaner for throttle bodies. It's like carb cleaner, but a few extra bucks.

  3. Was the idle too high and you closed the throttleblade to bring it down? That might be causing the sticking.
  4. I've seen this happen when the idle screw is adjusted too low and the throttleblade is sticking.
  5. This happened to me. Busted the spring had to replace the TB!