Sticking Throttle?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by ry94stang50, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. Hey guys just curious when I give my car gas it almost seems like the peddle is slow to come back up and also feels kind of tight. What could this be from? And what can do to maybe free it up?
  2. do the rpms hang also?
  3. Slighty not much just enough to annoy me.
  4. pul your intake tube off the throttle body and degunk the inside of the throttle body with a rag
  5. Ok ill try that now thatnks fornthe help :-D
  6. Is the return spring broken or missing?
  7. My guess would be gunk on the intake tube as well. But definitely check the spring. If neither of those are it check your TPS sensor. I had one come loose on me and stick my throttle wide open in second gear.
  8. Kind of a dumb question I suppose, but my return spring has a seperation where one of the loops uncoiled, obviously I need to replace the spring, but what sort of negative side effects is it causing me right now?
  9. Can you post a picture? Sounds like the spring is loosing it's "springiness" if one of it's coils has straightened out. That may be the source of the problem.
  10. It's basically that, like when you stretch a slinky too far and it doesn't come back as much or as well.

    Also, I'm not the original poster.
    and finally, I would put a picture, but I'm in New York till I think Wednesday (from texas)

    The perk of being here though is that my uncle has a pretty cool 72' 302 convertible mustang