Still having cooling issues with 94Cobra

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by stanger91, Jun 27, 2003.

  1. Still having cooling issues. I changed my cap to a 'Standt" one with the lever on it. Change my water pump pulley to a smaller one(i was running a HUGE underdrive water pump pulley), and put 2 bottles of water wetter in there.

    Nothing has changed. On the freeway it still goes to 210+ and works its way warmer, and around town ideling around traffic its still cooler(around 200). Today when i got home(car read 215 degrees) I got a bunch of rags and took the cap off. Then i started it with the cap off and lots of fluid started pouring out, then i waited till nothing poured out and started adding more coolant in. Started the car up and all of a sudden the temp went down to 190 while adding more water in. I dont know what the hell the deal is but its really starting to piss me off/concern me. Radiator tube is hard when its at 210, and the fill line on the overflow tank hasnt really moved all that much. Why does my car run warm on the freeway? And why did my temp go down to 190 when i took the cap off and started it?

    Any other suggestions? I know it doesnt help having 500rwhp, but i dont even push it that often.
  2. Hey, I looked through your mods and i can't tell what temp thermostat you are running? Have you tried a 180 or a 160?
  3. i have a 180 in there, everyone says to run the 180 including my tuner.
  4. Interesting, All i can think of to do is to try a 160 and see how much cooler it gets. I understand why they say to run it, but no harm in trying it. I run one myself and my car keeps cool in very hot conditions, i do have a new 180 standing by for the winter though.
  5. did you ever think maybe our 180 thermostat is bad.. and needs to be replaced.. for the thermostat and gasket it shoudl be like 5 dollars, i would call it a good investment before you blow a head gasket and have to work that much more..
  6. What kind of radiator? Usually when the temps are high higher speeds, it's indicative of the radiator not rejecting enough heat. If it cools off at speed, but heats up in traffic, it's usually a fan issue - not moving enough air across the radiator. If it's stock/original (10 years old), perhaps the radiator has given up (internal deposits, etc.) Assuming the rest of the system is working well - and with new cap, t'stat and water pump/pulley, you should be ok there.