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  1. Ok so I have a thread over in the talk section but can't find it now....I was running hot couldn't figure it it turns out that my bypass hose had a hole in was brand new. So I replaced it along with taking out the 180º stat and replaced it with 195º. I boiled the new one it works Installed all the new parts stat hoses and clamps gaskets and rtv too...I then bleed the system and I thought everyrhing was took a ton of fluid like it should have...but I'm still running hot and I noticed my fan wasn't kicking on could this be why? Should I hook it up to a switch? And I think I still have an air pocket in the system.. after about an hour of bleeding the car started shooting coolant out of the uncapped rad what is that?
  2. For the fan Check your CCRM module. it is located by your overflow bottle and controls the fan. Fix the fan first to make sure it is kicking in correctly. That is definately what keeps the car from over heating. if the fan is working, then some of your descriptions make me think you may have a bad head gasket. But I dont want to wish that on you. You may need to have a test done. Good luck with it.
  3. Yeh it verywell could be the head gasket at this point idk. I'm going to take it to my buddys shop and he's going to pressure test the rad. He wants 40 bucks just for that tho does that sound right? I looked online and I can a cheapo pressure tester for 30$...I'm sure his is much better though. He said something about a vacuum that sucks the coolant out and what not...just curious on that price. It kindof looks like there was a leak at some point by the water pump under and behind the thermostat housing I have a picture. Is the water pump attached to something else that bolts onto the block? That gasket might be bad.

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  4. I just bought the car and it had this problem when I bought it. I knew about it but figured I woyld fix it. I got the car cheap so its ok I guess. I plan on dumping a few bucks over the next year or so into it. Hopefully I xan figure this out atleast for enough time to get eniugh money saved up to build my next engine. I work two jobs so hopefully it won't take to long maybe just maybe this will be a completly different car next summer. Just hope it last lol.
  5. Confirmed my fan is not working....and almost positive there is still air in the systemaa lot better then before but still not right...
  6. How did you confirm the fan is broke?
    I just brought a fan from latemodelrestro. Received it today and its going back. Paid $170 for it and i found it way cheaper plus i dont need it anymore. My fan is not broke.
  7. Its not turning on when its saposed to...that's all I know I'm not even sure it works at do I test it? And wich sensor is it temp sensor or sender?
  8. unplug the sensor near the left side of the distributor while the car is running.
    Doing this will turn the fan on no matter to high speed

    sensor is usually installed in that hole
  9. Ok thank you that helps a lot I'm gonna try that in the am.