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  1. Ok so I flushed the rad changed hoses the cap and thermo and my car still runs hot. Actually it gets hot goes back to norm and keeps doing that gets hot when I stop at a light too......I checked the fan and its working fine. Idk what else to do
  2. Do you have your stock overflow bottle?
  3. If so verify the little black hose running to it isnt cracked or loose....that is a suction hose for whenever your motor is running hot and it needs coolant it sucks in more coolant. If loose it could be sucking in air or if your overflow tank is empty it will suck in air.

    Could just be some air in the system now if you flushed it....make sure you keep coolant in your overflow.
  4. Over flow is actually over filled I think couldthat cause any issues? Its all the way at the "hot" line even when its cold...I did that by accident ccouldn't tell there was anythingin there untill it was way to late lol I burped the rad but not sure if I did it corectly. I had the rad cap off ran the car and waited for the thermo to open and it to stop overflowing and it stoped but started to overflow again is that norm? Or does that mean tthere's still air in the system
  5. I would empty some out of the tank or you could get a mess real quick. Just keep it idle for about 30 minutes and keep checking your overflow and watch for bubbles and see if it sucks some in to compensate.
  6. Overfilling the bottle won't hurt anything. Unless you have an aftermarket gauge you can't conclusively determine what is causing the fluctuations on the stock unit. It may simply be a bad ground or the sending unit itself.
  7. How is the hose up to the tank?
  8. It will only suck coolant back into the rad as it cools NOT when the coolant heats up and expands.
  9. Also I still don't have any heat I thought this would have fixed it but I guess not...and on top of that my heat doesn't blow out of the vents everyrhing comes out of the defrost vent.
  10. I just checked the overflow and the fluid level is now normal and the hoses look fine. The cap has the ford stamp on it so I guess its original
  11. I had the car running for a half hour and drove it another 45 mins after I did all that so I don't think it will overheat and is way better the before....before the thermo, cap, hoses and new fluid I couldn't drive it more then 15-20 mins without it getting really hot at the L in the word normal on the gauge. Then two days ago I blew the hose to pieces complelty destroyed the hose even blew a hole in the cardboard thing on the inside of the hood lol. But I did notice that who ever changed the thermo last time put the damn thing in backwards wich I guess clogged the system over pressurized and blew the hose....if they couldn't install a thermostat right I'm begining to get worried what else did they try to fix thsmselves.....that's just dumb lol
  12. Also not sure if this is normal or not but does anybodys mustang sound like the intake is sucking in air threw the vents? My camaro didn't do litterally sounds like the filter is directly under my dash.. it is mounted in the passanger front fender like normal is that why it sounds like that? It sounds like a turbo lol
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  14. That is how it looked after it exploded?
  15. You have a break in the vac line most likely. It is real thin and runs along the firewall. I just had to splice mine not too long ago
  16. So it's not over heating now?
  17. I did see athin hose coming from the firewall next too the heatercore hoses but it didn't connect to any thing is that it? About as thick as spaghetti lol
  18. That picture was just after my hose blew....and thebonly time I overheat was right before the hose above always stayed at the L in normal now it gets that hot but then back to about half way...I even put in a 180ยบ thermo to keep the engine cooler
  19. It seems like it gets warmer when I'm stopedI'm guessing bexause tthere's no air from driving blowing threw rad...
  20. Ill tey to snap a pic of that thin hose in the am. I hope its something as simple as that..I need heat for the winter lol