Stinger: Im calling you out

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  1. What do you have that has more cubes, and so what you beat a GT, they aren't that fast anyway. I've also seen a crappy 69' charger kick a GT's a$$ there. What was the time in the eighth, just wondering? NOT TRYING TO GET KICKED OFF AGAIN!

    Oh yea and it is my car, my name is on the title, and i didn't pay what the asking price on the site was, just fyi.
  2. He is baaaaacccckkkkkk!!!!!!!!
  3. First off I can't ban anyone, I have to ask to get people banned...

    Secondly why does this guy keep coming back? Although he isn't talking **** yet, but I'm gonna keep my eye on him.
  4. I've seen a Viper lose to a Civic...does that make all Vipers slow?
  5. Everyone has seen an incredible car get owned by another car that is unsuspecting. I"m just sayimg that it wasn't that big of a deal that 351Wcoupe beat a GT a couple of times, cause GT's aren't incredible performers. Plus he is probably a better driver than than the guy in the GT.
  7. Whoa there fella easy there with the compliments people might stop hating you.

    Notice my screen name is "351" wcoupe. I built the 2.3 car for fun for my girlfriend. My car is a 2600lb 393w with nitrous. I would say it ran pretty good before, but I've done a ton more since the last time at the track with it.

    I was running faster than 4-5 mustangs and I was the only 4 cylinder. The 2.3 is not by any means ripping up the track but for only $1000 I hit the 9's and it'll be in the 8's in the next month for under $2000. With almost all stock parts.

    Honestly I did out drive the guy in the GT, but you asked if I beat any V8s and I haven't lost to one yet unless it has more mods than me. I can agree I've never liked Gt's because I think to many people get caught with the "GT" part too much. GT must mean faster because it has a body kit.

    I'll probably be at Sumerduck next week too, come on down and as long as your cool you can take a ride down the track, maybe you can gain a little respect.

    RT its green................ok I'll go now.
    60ft 2.223..still not sure about this the cars first gear felt like a 1.9 or a 2.0
    330 6.330......that second gear.
    1/8 9.683..............New fastest time, still nowhere near good enough.
    mph 73.34..............Mph has always been about the same.

    This was the first night on slicks and it didn't run any faster 60ft even though it hooked hard. I have some changes to make and we'll see if they help any.
  8. As the Saga continues where the Banned Poster tries to regain his respect. These are the Days in the Garage.
  9. I just got some new times this weekend....

    Oh, and I only went to the track because I knew it was down on power (slowly been losing power for about 6 months) and needed to confirm it is indeed getting worse. Sure enough, it is. Good thing the SVO is almost ready ;)

    Matt, those times look pretty familiar...


  10. still crying on the inside :nonono:
  11. Stinger, not trying to be mean or anything but how accordong to your homepage, can your 2.3 turbo get shownup by some little ricer, running 8 psi.

    Just asking really, not trying to get kicked off again, i'm passed that and really just wondering.
  12. What little ricer running 8psi?
  13. Hey *******, why don't you start your own thread or better yet send him an email.
  14. man things are getting a little :OT:

  15. I would just like to take a minute and say I love everyone here at stangnet.
  16. aawwwwww! I have tears in my eyes. :banana: FAMILY!!! The good and bad side :D
  17. I believe he was comparing the times between the "Plumb Boosted" Civic and your '91 Stang.

    But I am just dumbfounded by this, how could your car just slowly lose power like that over time? 351wcoupe, your having the ame problem too, aren't you? Strange stuff.
  18. All of that may come to an end tonight. I think I've got it.
  19. M
  20. I love you cro.