Stinger: Im calling you out

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  1. Not you, that Mr Belvedere fool.
  2. I understood that...I just never saw a better time to say it. :flag:

    Its good that you showed "Mr Belvedere" "Who's the Boss"
  3. Hey Crovax when you actually get a car worth talking about, then maybe you can say something, until then, SHUT THE HELL UP! When one of you gets the balls to race a real car maybe you'll learn how much of a piece of $hit the 2.3 really is.

    Oh, and just so you know i don't hate mustangs, i just hate the junkyard dog pieces of $hit you think are mustangs. 2.3 turbos don't hold up for anytime, and the whole time you drive them they just lose more and more power. Until one day you figure out that you drive a zip tied together piece of $hit. There are exceptions like Stinger, but his car still is losing power, and wasn't that fast in the first place. According to his web page his car is slower than a Honda Civic with 8 psi. WOW NOT IMPRESSED! Anyway just wanted to tell you all how gay you are, so when you get the balls to actually race a real car give me a call.
    And i don't want to here any more $hit that you beat a GT mustang, cause nobody cares!
  4. what's lamer...the 2.3t or some assclown wasting his time to come here and jock us for pimpin pintostangs? maybe some people like should understand that seeing as you have one too (it's just mental)
  5. Ah...the projected times of plumb boosted...because they are estimates, that's how. Maybe he doesn't understand the advantages of high flow DOHC heads and an 8 grand redline in a light body? :shrug:

    How could it slowly lose power? Valve springs (I think)...we'll see in a few weeks when I install new ones.

  6. Don't say anything here you wouldn't say to my face.
    Plymouth boy -->[​IMG]<-- His boyfriend
  7. You don't even own a car! Damn 13 year olds with internet access.

    P.S. Welcome your new title for the 2nd time.
  8. So when are you going to tell us what your trailer queen runs? I've yet to hear a word about times for you.

    For not liking my JY piece of **** you sure spend alot of time on my site. :shrug:

    I guess you don't understand the difference between 13psi (times on my site) and 23psi (what I'm running now) either. FYI each pound of boost is worth ~7hp at the wheels. You do the math.

    Keep in mind this is my daily driver too...

    Oh, and where the **** did you get this "2.3 Turbo's don't last long and slowly lose power ****? Just because 2 of the 2 million of them built have weak valve springs (a 20 dollar fix) you claim all of them do it? I'd like you to find ANY other motor (besides a 2.3) that can sustain 15+psi for over 200,000 miles in stock form. Yes, I said ANY. Gets your facts straight or go home asswipe. Better yet, get your facts straight AND go home :owned:
  9. I guess he thinks that we only own 1 car. I believe Mr Belvedere is pretty funny actually he may learn something in the proccess in his ramblings because after all he is reading the post before he swallows both feet. He is scared to mention his actual vehicle because he has not learned enough to lie about the spec's yet. I bet he rides public transportation. Heck I love my 2.3 stang but it isnt my only car I can roll out the Grand Am or the bike to race him too. Has anyone even found a real location for him yet?
  10. If this guy is fishing for attention , he got it. :jester: Congrats.

  11. Man he just needs to calm down :shrug:
  12. Stinger, I kept telling you valve springs. I'm calling you out, did I or did I not tell you valve springs?

    -don't go back and re-read threads 'cause I didn't really. :banana:

    ALL 2.3'S ARE CRAP!
  13. :lock:
  14. Cant we all just get along?
  15. settle down guys.
  16. So then you don't feel Red LX can handle this situation?
  17. I think I can handle the situation Crovax, do you have any doubts?
  18. I didn't say you couldn't.
  19. [​IMG] Interesting...........