Stock `03 Cobra 1/4 mile times

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by logicisme, Jul 2, 2005.

  1. Well, I finally got my car to the track. It was the first time I have ever raced 1/4 miles on a strip too. :D What a fun day. It was at Portland (Oregon) International Raceway.

    I took my 99% stock cobra, only mod I had was the bypass valve bypass. (8k Miles on it and stock air filter, tires, etc.)

    My first run was super poopy at 17.691 1/4 @ 98.5mph (doh!) I musta spun em until I hit the 1/8 mile marker considering this was my first run ever, I am only somewhat embarrased :rolleyes:

    The best time I got today was 13.486 1/4 @ 105.62mph

    So, how do others stock numbers look? Does that sound about right for a stock snake?
  2. not bad for first time at the track, you dun good. If you got the bug now and learn how to feather it off the line with those stock F1's you can get it in the 12's with practice. The quicker you get the street tires to squeak when they bite, the lower the ET's you will see. For me that meant sidestepping/No SLIPPING the stock clutch at 2k (some guys say slip the clutch, just realise it hurts the clutch), purposefully bogging it slightly and then rolling into the throttle from there. Initially shift around 5400K, which means you will actually be shifting a little higher, until you get your launches down, then up your shift point gradually. The most important shift is the first one into second, it comes fast on these badboys, even with 3.55's, so it is very easy to over rev or bounce the rev limiter before you go to second, so just guard against that and if you can get your 60' time to around 1.9-2.0 you will have a 12.

    good luck, it's a blast! :cheers:
  3. Just got a helmet

    From yesterday, I got "H" ed so I needed to get a helmet; the time slip guy asked me after 5 runs "do you have a helmet?" That was it for me as I wasn't about to rent some rancid helmet full of someone's funk. I asked around and called Woodburn, and they said any snell 1990 or better for a helmet. I got a new M2000 snell Shoei matte black one with a black shield. Looks ****in and matches the black plastic interior completely. All I need is a full black leather suit and some better times :lol: and i'll be good to go!

    I am still scratching that snake bite, ouch. If I keep on scratchin it, it may infected into my primary hobby...

    I am off to run again today, thx 04_snake I will report back with my times from tonight.
  4. Bouncey, bouncey, bouncey...

    Saturday night was a fun one. My best run was 13.233 @106.59. I guess everyone was complainin that it was a slow track.

    I got a severe case of wheel hop for 4 out of my 8 runs! It was crummy as I had to let off so I won't cost myself a trip to the dealer and an explanation why I broke my my axles...

    I was runnin 13.3-13.5 for the other 3 runs I got out without hoppin. :fuss: I am pretty sure at this point I won't be able to break into the 12's without at least a K/N or hooking up better off the line. I hook up wayyy better when I am on a country road then when I am at this track unfortunately. I was waiting to do any upgrades to see what I was going to run at the track and dyno (plans to go there soon, probably torquefreaks)

    Good news is I met up with a guy who had a nice sliver 03 with some graphics on the side and a name "Terminatrix" on the front fender. He has a Mac cat-back; I really liked the way it sounds. I am probably going to get that kit now that I heard it.

    I also plan on trying out Woodburn somewhere in the near future. This will probably be better maintained than PIR as it is only a drag strip and not a track doubling as a strip. I will let you all know, and hopefully I can meet up with some of you all when I am down there.

    In regards to my helmet prob, I got a nice matte black shoei bike helmet which matches my car interior. I wish it was a SA and not an M 2000 though. Has anyone had any problems runnin M's in the portland area? Should I return it and get an SA helmet?

    And since it's the 4th God bless the USA (we need it) :flag:
  5. My bro runs 12.8- 13.00 @ 110 MPG stock
    (03 Cobra, white)

    Coming out of the whole and clean shifts are the key.............
  6. Keep up the good work, how much air were you running in the rears when it was hopping? sometimes, not always, lowering the air pressure to around 24 lbs can mitigate the hop, just don't forget to put some back in before the ride home. You got the right idea, if you start hopping, just swallow your pride and bail on the pass, take your foot out of it and get off the track ASAP, BAD things happen when the hop is allowed to continue to a point where you get a harmonic vibration and snap, bye bye axle.