stock 97 cobra against Sti

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by 1994Vib.RedGT, Nov 5, 2004.

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  1. there is this jerk kid at the local rice hangout with an Sti who claims to be able to beat anything going and coming. My friend is coming into town this weekend and he has a black stock 97 cobra, could it take the stock sti?

  2. Sorry to say.....but if this kid knows how to drive his STI, he will eat the cobra up on the lanch. If they race from a 25mph roll, the cobra might pull out a win. :shrug: But I have seen some pretty good 100 - 104mph traps from the STI's, so a stock 97 Cobra will have more than it's hands full even from a roll.
  3. Sorry dude, while the kid may be a jerk, the STi will win, especially if he launches hard. It is easy to hit low 13s stock and then high 12s with a full turbo back exhaust is possible. But if he can't launch then your buddy has a chance. Let us know how the race goes. BTW I am assuming from a dig, but even from a roll an STi is pretty decent and probably will win that one too.
  4. About mid may of this year I went at it with one on the 101 freeway here in northern california. We punched it about 60 mph and up till about 100 before we let off and i only put 1/2 a car length on him.

    and in july I raced one at a stop light. He put about 3 cars on me from the start and held it that way all the way till about 100mph.

    This is when I had 3:73 and everything else was the same. My friend who owns a 01 Z28 has only beaten them from rolls. For some reason they only like to race him till about 70mph then let off when from a dig. I guess they know LS1 pull harder up top. :shrug:

    Anyway, tell your friend that if he is bone stock, stay clear from this guy for now.
  5. what do u all think if if was just a WRX and not a WRX STI
  6. Stock 97 snake should have no problem againts an un-Sti wrx
  7. UPDATE*

    this is interesting cause it just so happens that last night I ran into an STI :D
    Now I had just broken in my new 4:30 gears so the story goes like this:

    I'm driving down an expressway when I notice an sti to my right and he noticed me their beside him as well. There is just a little bit a traffic so I play it safe but when he got an opening he passed me up. Not a ricer fly-by but just to get my attention. A few miles down the road traffic breaks and I accelerate to catch up to him. Now I could not get him to go from a roll( wonder why?) but up ahead the light turns red and here he comes racing up to the light ready to go. It's obvious he wants to play on his playing field which is from a dig since he probely felt a easy victory here. HEHE

    Lights goes green and I baby it a bit so not to loose traction and he is already got a 2 car lead on me. But I come screaming up on him, well I get to his door at about 75mph and he kills it. I hate to assume that he felt he already won the race. He had to of known that I was right there beside him and gaining. but regardless I slowed down to about 55mph and try to get him to go from a roll. Again he wouldn't budge. But at least he gave me the thumbs up and I sent one back his way.

    Why do these guys always want to play on their terms and not on mine. :shrug:

    Oh well, he probley reconsidered what he was racing, took his quick lead and was satisfied. I just hope he isn't on some wrx sti web site claiming an easy kill on a snake. As we all know that is a big thing to them.
  8. I know you all want to believe that you have the greatest cars on the road, hell I would like to believe the same. but from a roll or a dead stop you have 0 chance against an STI even with a bad driver. You got your hands full with just a WRX.
  9. I hope you mean with a stcok 96-98 you have 0 chance. When you mod the snakes you're better from a roll, but hey, just look at results from last night. Tell me again that I have 0 chance.
  10. yes, I do mean that a stock 96-98 cobra has no chance against an STI from a roll or a dead stop.
  11. O.K., so yeah I 100% agree with you Nailz, if your stock, keep away from any STI or Evolution for that matter, from stop or roll :D
  12. Just check out this link......Naz vs. STi....and bunch others.

    Keep in mind that was with a burn out clutch.


  13. Nazman, I'm only getting an error message :shrug:
  14. A friend of mine at home bought an STi this summer. By the time I got a chance to line up with him he had already done some turbo mods of some sort, I never found out what though. Anyway, I ran into him on the interstate and we did a couple runs from about 40mph...I stuck right with him in 2nd and 3rd gear, but once 4th came, he pulled away and kept pullin away lol...they're damn fast don't get big heads around them. The thing I can feel good about is that he spent $40K for his car? So basically they're fun to race cuz its pretty exciting, but don't expect to win unless you're runnin some good mods or have an 03/04 snake (and you still better be able to drive!).
  15. Problem fixed.


  16. granted that I don't own a cobra or an STI, how is it that a cobra vs. WRX (non-STI) is a "hand full?" I've driven a regular WRX 5spd before and they're quick cars, but I would assume that from a roll the Cobra should murder the rex. From a dig it could be a different story though...

  17. Stock, a 96-98 cobra and a 03 wrx run 14 flat.
    A stock sti runs 13.3's or so.
  18. on a perfect road, i.e. drag strip the 96-98 Cobra should have the upperhand, but if you're going from a roll you aren't on a track, and therefore you don't have a perfect road or perfect weather cept for maybe a few days out of the year. The AWD in the WRX gives it a little bit of an upperhand in most road conditions. Stock for Stock they run about the same times, the Cobra is probably a little jumpier from a roll.
  19. On a roll is where the WRX is at a disadvantage. The power loss to all 4 wheels is what kills it. The Cobra in question will most likely walk a WRX (not STi) in a roll on race stock vs. stock. But from a dig the WRX/STi have a nice advantage especially on a regular street. Getting traction with AWD is pretty easy, as long as the launch isn't bogged, then the WRX is screwed if bog happens.
  20. Juice is right, with the AWD the WRX loses nearly twice as much power as it would without this second transfer. I have raced the with my mediocre modded Gt and have to say that i honestly stayed with him and even pulled on him once or twice through the powerband. I consider myself a good driver seeing how i learned stick when i was 10 and my dad has worked on shelby's for quite some time. But for the money they spend on those cars, its a waste if u ask me.Everything depends on how high of speeds u want to take it, eventually the snake should take over, but just dont kill yourself trying.
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