stock 97 cobra against Sti

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by 1994Vib.RedGT, Nov 5, 2004.

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  1. C'mon guys... don't be throwin' the if's, and's, or but's into the mix. 1994Vib.RedGT asked what chance a stock '97 Cobra has against an Sti (and we don't even know if it's a modded Sti at that).

    The answer is NONE, period, zip, zilch, nada.

    You guys are always trying to change the scenario in an effort to give the Cobra an edge. Driver skill being equal has to be assumed in cases like this unless otherwise noted.

    Stock '97 Cobra vs Sti = Cobra loss.

  2. /fact

    end discussion.

    Don't race it, unless you enjoy getting smoked.
  3. Good vids naz, however his said stock 97 cobra, not the NA 4v Hp champion. I see a little difference in your car and his, but maybe it's just me. :lol:
  4. The only reason I was throwing in the WRX is because many people can't tell the difference and assume all Imprezas are now STis. The #1 giveaway is the big azz gold brembo brakes in the ront and rear, if it has those it is an STi, otherwise that costs $6000 to do.

    Rugster the money I spent on my STi was no waste. The car is a monster that can handle all 4 New England seasons, and it is faster than 99% of the cars on the road. Not bad for 29.8K, and it is not a very common car which is nice too. It is just a few grand away from 400 AWHP.
  5. Naz what is the snake running

    Naz do you know what the Cobra had that car was smoking everything did it have boost or what did that cobra have I want it. :spot: :spot: :spot: :spot:
  6. Everything in Nazman signature is what is in that snake. That his car.
  7. Keep away from the STI he will eat you up, and if it is modded, then he will just make you look terrible
  8. Are those dyno numbers current? I hit over 280 RWHP on my 98 with 80mm Pro M, Pullies, cat back, offroad H pipe, a CAI and a tune???? With your JBA's you should be close to 290 RWHP.
  9. They gave me 2 seperate dyno sheets, one was sae corrected at 273rwhp 272rwtq, the other they gave me was 285rwhp, 284rwtq. :shrug:

    I have heard that flows don't give you anything so I'm thinking of swapping in a brand new bassani x-pipe and cat back system.

    Also I need to burn a chip. Also need to clean the IMRC. Dyno was 2 years ago.

    I see you had a cat back and a tune.
  10. NAZMAN , are you running a solid axle or still running the IRS , I saw you were running U/L control arms so I assume soild axle . also , were those slicks or DR's you were running at the track and what RPM were you launching at?

    Your car is a BEAST!!!!! :hail2:

    :nice: :flag:
  11. I had clogged IMRC's and was loosing near 20 RWHP on the top end; The Tune also gives a real kick in the pants when done correctly with a leaner mixture. Best for N20 and boost applications but when you start getting nearly all the worth while bolt ons a tune can and will come in handy. I plan on playing around with the possibility of Cams and maybe the FR500 heads/cam/intake package when I tear down my motor this coming summer to go forged on the bottom end.
  12. The STi will destroy the Cobra. A friend of mine has an older STi and it is crazy fast.
    The stock WRX would probably beat the 'Stang also. Another friend of mine has a beat up high mileage WRX and it would still eat the 'Stang.
    Sorry to say, but those %$*&$*$# Subarus can move.
  13. Hey buddy. Just bring that "Cobra" killing STI to San Antonio I have a little Cobra for him to run.

  14. im sure theres quite a few STi's in the texas area that would shut you up. your cobra isnt god dude. go check out Nasioc or NABR and see what happens.

    btw this was a stock 97 cobra versus a "mods unknown" STi, not your built up cobra versus anything.

    Stock cobra is gonna get decimated. stop and roll. modded, the cobra might keep up, sorta, well maybe to the sti's end of 3rd, then hes just gonna keep pulling, and thats till on the stock turbo. my buddy has a 20g'd wrx that pulls like a raped ape up top. dynoed something like 300 to the wheels on a awd mustang dyno. and later next month, were gonna up the boost to 22psi(from 16) and stick on alchy/h2o injection and more tuning.
  15. Holy thread resurrection Batman! :eek:

  16. Bro,

    My Cobra is NOT God but its good enough to spank a STI. If you like them so much why do you drive a "POS" Mustang....specially one that is a "14 second" one. :shrug:

    I do not worry about STIs. The day you find one that could trap about 130 MPH in the 1/4 then bring them to me since they may be able to keep up.

  17. Why is this even in "Tech"????

    Moving to talk....

  18. bro,

    14 seconds aint bad for a almost stock GT, so much more i can do in the quarter, i was pulling 2.2 60ft's on the garbage cooper tires that came with the car and getting them loose going into 3rd. but i wont make excuses, i actually expected mid 14's off the bad, and was thuroughly happy when it went faster.

    btw, i just got a 03 cobra. i do not worry about anything else but 03/04 cobras. lets see how good your car is stock, since thats what were talking about here, not modded vs semi-modded, paper vs plastic, good vs evil, etc. im not against mustangs, but this is reality, and a newer STi is gonna take a 97 cobra, stock for stock. hell probably mod for mod and buck for buck.

    you cant take half a second off your 1/4 mile time by adding a 10$ boost controller(or, on the STi its a boost restrictor pill in a vacuum line that goes tot he WG) can you?
  19. No I can not, BUT.......I can swap my Nitrous/Fuel Jets and add anything from 50-100 RWHP on top of my 150, and still spank a STI.......or just about 99% of anything else on the streets NP.

    I have seen stock STIs being spanked by "stock" Cobra's several times. STIs are mid 13 second cars, NA Cobra's/Mach 1s are the same thing, heck there are some Mach's that went low 13s stock thanks to thier solid axle and steeper gears.

    Stock for stock its more of a driver race. You talked about the "high HP STIs" and I said I got something for those boys.

  20. And even if you do...

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