Stock Air Box Vs. Aftermarket Cone Filter

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  1. I hear ya! We have had our share of rain here in GA haven't we! We bought the '88 new and it was our a daily driver until '91. But now it only gets out when its purdy outside.:)
  2. I've run a modified March Ram air kit in my 89 Mustang since the late 90's, with over 150,000 miles since then, routinely in the rain and snow, without any issues. I cut a 4" by 6" hole in my bumper cover about where the fog light goes in a GT on the passenger side, which does raise the intake point some, probably 4-5 inches center to center. I also added a screen on the front to keep out the leaves and such. I replaced the cheapie dryer vent hose with a custom built fiberglass pipe. It's been a great mod, and is still on the car, now with a 369 under the hood. Water has to go vertically up roughly 18" to get to the air box, and it's not like you're going to do 6000 rpm and such when it's raining....
  3. I've got a nice 3 1/2" Anderson Power pipe on mine. Looks much meaner than the wimpy BBK chrome tube that was on it when I bought it.
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  4. Those are absolutely not, the factory tubular exhaust manifolds. I have a set of the stock ones hanging on the wall in my garage. The tubes are smaller and all bent up with big dents in the tubing for bolts and steering shaft clearance. The headers on Ebay look like Macs.
  5. x1000

    I made a powerpipe out of mandrel bent aluminum and silicone elbows. 3.5" diameter and is nearly a straight shot from the TB to the fender. Engine bay is cleaner, the car idles far better, and the filter is in the fender away from all the heat soaked air.
  6. Definitely not MAC's either. MAC headers have individual flange's for each tube. The ones in that EBay auction are rocking a solid flange. Probably some sort of knock off.

    Personally, I'd ask to see a few close up pics of the welds where they meet the flange and collector (both outside and inside), would want to know the flange thickness, etc before plopping down the cash. I bought a set of "cheap" EBay headers for my 4.6L a few years ago and they were absolute garbage.
  7. I have Mac headers and they do have individual flanges.. They are a pain in the ass.. I had to make a spreader to mount the headers on the motor. Even on an engine stand it was a pain. Stay away from that kind of design.
  8. With the exception of the mid pipes and cat backs, MAC everything is garbage. Their quality control is crap. Nothing ever fits the way its supposed to.
  9. I had Mac catback and loved it.
  10. I have MAC equal lengths right now. Previous owner installed with the metal gasket. I hate that header exhaust leak.
  11. As did I....which is why I stated their cat back as an exception. ;)
  12. MPG has gone up noticeably with the stock airbox.
    I don't think the MAF reads properly when you have it strapped straight onto the filter. Too much turbulence - could make for bad fuel calcs and bad performance/economy. I think it may have been the reason why I was getting garbage MPG in the past.
  13. I've seen some studied that show the cone type filters on the end of the MAF cause the engines to run lean, therefore impacting performance/economy.
  14. I agree with this! On my wideband, my motor was running way lean at a hot idle with the cone filter attached to the mass air meter as opposed to running it with a Cold Air/stock air box set up.
  15. running a filter right off the maf introduces too much turbulence and you dont get a good air sampling. I read somewhere 12-18" of tube before the meter is ideal.
  16. Agreed. I fail to see how this


    Is cleaner than this

    bbk-1557_4935.jpg [/quote]

    Ah, but looks are subjective.

    But yes, to me the stock air box looks WAAAAY better. Granted I don't have stickers all over it. But I'm a sucker for the OEM look