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  1. I have aftermarket wheels for my mustang and I was thinking of putting my bullits on my explorer(with different tires). Are they the same bolt pattern, and are they safe with the extra weight of a suv?thanks
  2. The bolt pattern should be the same, but I don't know about the backspacing. I know a guy who had some 97 Cobra wheels on a Ranger with no issues.
  3. I should have put my old rims on my explorer:doh:
  4. the bolt pattern is the same, thers a 97-98 explorer that runs around in my area with 95 cobra Rs with taller suv tires, i think it looks good
  5. hahah do it. that'd be awesome, and it should fit fine.
  6. thats kind of cool with suv tires, Id like to see a pic of something like this if anybody has one.
  7. This is the best I could do from a quick Google image search:

    Chrome 95R wheels:

    97 Cobra wheels:

    99 Cobra wheels:

    18" Saleen wheels:
  8. I sold my stock 98 gt 5 spoke split rims to a friend with a ranger :rlaugh: Looked decent though rubbed a bit so he got rid of them.
  9. These are my old bullet rims on a ranger. Looks good to me.
  10. I was joking around one day, and swapped the wheels off of my Ranger for the stock Bullitts that were on my 01 GT. The ranger rims went right on the mustang no problem, as ridiculous as it looked. On my Ranger, they didn't work on the front, because it was 4x4, and my locking hubs didn't fit through the center of the rims. If you run without the hubs, or if you have a newer model where the hubs don't stick out, then you can rock Mustang wheels all day.




    Gives new meaning to the 4x4 look!

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    And here's one laying on the Ranger. You can see my exploded 4x4 hub on the ground there. Yeah, Mile Marker hubs suck.
  11. I've seen an Explorer running around here on bullitts, looks good. There is also a V6 'Stang running on Explorer/Ranger rims, kinda weird looking though. Maybe they are just a base model wheels I haven't seen before....
  12. I've seen other cars with Mustang wheels before.

    DSM guys seems to love em as i've seen Eclipses with Bullitts on.

    I've also seen ranger pickups with Mustang wheels.
  13. I think one of the new style T-Birds would look sick with Bullitts on it...
  14. Yea they should fit just fine even even with the backspacing.

    :rlaugh: im surprised you actually put them on the stang!

    We threw Mach I rims on my bro's ranger and it was his daily driver. no problems at all for a full year on the rims.

    It was the only ranger i'd ever seen with Mach I rims. It was hilarious to pull up to mach's at stoplights and give them a lil rev ...and they'd look over and see their rims on a truck :rlaugh: :rlaugh:


    My bro just sold the truck and we gave the rims to my buddy.
    He painted them black himself and threw them on his ranger also :D


  15. how did you get them to fit the front a spacer?? please help me on this my buddy wants to buy my stock bullits and we could not get them to fit the front so i called tirerack and they said even with a spacer and longer studs it would not work.. thanks man btw his ranger is a 02

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    That's my primary beater. I have smaller tires on there now, so it doesn't look as ridiculous. They look a thousand times better than the cracked up hubcaps that were on there, I gotta tell ya.
  17. My best friend from back in high school has 99' Cobra rims on his Ranger. Looks really good with the drop he has. I wish I had pictures.
  18. quick question what size tires did you use and are they all terraine and is there any cleance problems when turning ?

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