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  1. Going on 4 years, Nate, Going on 4.

    I don't think I was mean. :shrug:

    XALTEREGO, I have no idea on the tire size.
  2. 4 years!!! Christ I missed that the first time...

    You weren't mean at all :shrug: I just think it's kinda funny that's all. Noobies are f**ked if they search and f**ked if they don't...

    know what I'm sayin?
  3. Yes, I agree. :)

    I think I like the Cobra R's the best, followed by the Mach 1's. But the snake center would have to go.
  4. Friend of mine put the 18x9 FR500 Wheels I originally bought for my Cougar (and later hated) on her '04 Explorer and it looked pretty decent. They did stick out a little, but it wasn't rediculous....but I'd imagine 8" wide Mustang wheels would be about perfect?