1. Hello every1 new member long time reader.
    I currently own a 90 lx mustang 5.0 (oh boy) it holds many hats ie: DD, Project mobil, PITA, Money taker....you get the idea. The car was pretty much straight when I got no major issues at least none made obvious. I fix replace and repair parts and issue as they come up. But today I have ran into a stump of a problem...which is I can not get these stock coil springs back in.
    I have a compressor OEM 27035 and it seemed liked it would get the job done, but i have spent the last 2 days trying to get in just the right spot and every time some thing is blocking some thing. what I mean if the hooks are to far away from the fork it too tight or the tip of the threaded rod pokes out past the coil and if too close well it just wasted time. This morning was the closet i got but the fork part was hit the control arm and would not seat properly. I need some help, some advise... a pep talk or something. And yes I have searched and found a few help tips put I must have miss read something. What can a new member get...huh.
  2. Most people unbolt the control arm from the k-member whilst leaving it attached to the strut. This way, you can place the spring in the perch and jack it into place using the spindle/strut as your leverage until you can reinsert the control arm bolts.

    Another method that I have used which requires a bit more elbow grease is to leave the control arm attached to the k-member but remove everything else attached to the control arm. Lower the control arm as low as it will travel (stepping on it helps), place the spring into the upper perch and wedge the bottom of the spring into the lower perch as far as you are able by hand. Use a long crow bar or pry bar to force the spring into the perch. Spray the edge of the perch with WD40 so that the isolator doesn't get stuck and impede your progress.
  3. the easiest way you will ever install a set of springs is to spend $20 and buy the MM tool. It screws into the hole in the lower A arm and the spring will slide into the little notch. you install the spring into the upper perch, then lift the lower arm up, The spring coil will catch the slot in the tool and be held in. You can then easily jack up the lower a arm and bolt back up the strut. It literally can take you 10 minutes to install the spring.

  4. 02 281 GT the first method I have tried several times all ending with pretty much the same results either the car starts to left off the jack stands or the jacks being forced out because of the pressure... ending result = mission failed. The second method Im willing to try and read about several other doing the same thing but where doing you place the crow bar? Visual aid is seriously needed.

    mikestang63 trust saw the video, ordered the part, got ready to install the spring, read the instructions "Not for STOCK SPRINGS'' (can you hear the dreaded back ground music)..... got my feelings hurt. BTW I have the MM Spring Installation Tool if any1 needs it.

    And Thanks for the response.
  5. That shouldn't happen if you leave the spindle attached to the strut and jack the control arm as far to the inboard side as you can. This was the method I used when I installed springs on my '86 GT when I still had it.

    As far as where to place the crow bar...
    View attachment 128482
  6. The spindle was still attached and control was not connected to the k-member, but yet the car left off of the stands. Now looking at this method is some what different than I did. The pic above is a lil confusing ...meaning that the way the compressor is being used there is no need for a pry bar not unless you are using it to turn the spring to the correct seated position.
    One thing different that did from the pic was that I did not compress the spring with compressor on the underside of the control arm. I thought about it so maybe that my next move.
  7. Believe it or not I actually had the spring in place. I compressed with the OEM 27035 compressor but the compressor got stuck inside and as much as I tried it wasn't coming out so unfortunately I had to reassemble it and rethink it.
  8. HAD to take a break...... After a very frustrating afternoon a weekends ago of not successfully installing the front coils, I decided to order OTC7045B spring compressor tool. This morning I got up with the intentions of just checking out the tool and ended up installing the passenger side coil spring before work. 1 hour and about 50 minutes and it was in. This tool makes a difference
  9. WOW you spent $270 for the install tool? I hope you need to use it more than once.
  10. Actually I only paid $128 and change. But after using it first thing i noticed it was i had no worries about it coming apart and causing bodily harm (very solid) and second it went together the first try without any hangups. whether or not I will use it again I don't know but if I do it will be there. I will say this re-installing the stock spring it has already paid for itself.
  11. I picked up and installed a set of XRF ball joints because some1 told me they were Moogs just under a different name (yeah I can only image what you guys are saying) anys they are in and man they seem a little stiff I only was able to torque the to a 100 ft lbs, and the manual say 110. do think this will be a problem also will some after markets parts carry a differnet torque spec.(did not see anything)
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