Stock Foxbody 1/4th mile times

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by MustangMuscleV8, Dec 3, 2003.

  1. I was wondering what stock Fox bodys run? And what is considered a fast 1/4th time?
  2. Stock fox.....14.7-14.3 and fast?About 13flat or better,i think.
  3. I'd make an even wider margin going from 14.3-15.4's. The 15 are what most people run there first few times down the track so I'd toss that in there. A 13.xx is darn good for a fox and 13.0x is great.
  4. I know, that 13's is fast. But I'm talking stock. mid to low 14's is the norm for an expirianced driver???
  5. Some of these so called "stock" mustangs are hardly what I call stock:rolleyes: When I hear stock I think zero modifications (maybe an air filter). I live near a track with 24 feet elevation and the bone stock fox body mustangs I see are usually high 14's to mid 15's.
  6. I went 14.9 with a mac cat back, no cats, and bumped my AOD car.
    Expect stick to be faster, but i'm more then happy. my first time out my best was 15.3 with the same mods, so with practice i took off 4 tenths.
  7. I ran 14.1 with just an exhaust and K&N FIPK in my '88 GT. You just gotta practice your ass off :nice:
  8. When I hear stock I just think of stock motor. There are few 5.0's out there that don't have some exhaust work or K&N or something. Check out my sig. I ran very low 14's without the slicks. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!! When I first started I was running low 15's high 14's.
  9. I ran a 13.76 in a bone stock 92 Coupe 5 sp w/ an air filter and the air silencer removed.
  10. JadeFalcon & Ruffrider [B/] Did you guys drive your cars like you stole them or something? Those are amazing times! Ruff, if you had a LX stang you probably would have gotten into the 13's, because there lighter! Did you guys just practice forever or what?
  11. See sig.

    5200 rpm shifts, 1300 rpm launch, SCCA licensed driver.
  12. I went 13.8 on street tires with full exhaust and 3.31's for whatever they are worth, and I can't drive that well either.
  13. On some site off of yahoo, a guys 91 GT was only 15.1s
  14. Ok im convinced there is something wrong with my car now, im runnin 15.8 best quarter mile time with my 89 coupe. Sure its an aod car but i figured it would run better than that, all i have done is a mac cat back exhaust otherwise its bone stock. I think the convertor may be worn out but not sure also what do you guys think 3.73's will do for my car, thanks for your help
  15. At least for me, I spent alot of time driving my cars real hard, and its important to get to know the car before you take it to the track. And a few all day passes in the middle of the week just before winter close is all you need to pull some great times.
  16. I ran a best of 15.1 on an ABSOLUTELY stock car... 2.73's, stock air filter, stock exhasut.. stock timing.. everything

  17. i ran 14.8 on my stock 88gt 5spd 75k miles. but on gtech pro it ran a best of 15.2 (with horable wheel hope due to mm pinion snuber i installed when lowering my car).