Stock Foxbody Worth?

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  1. I found a '90 gt, manual, sunroof, 106k miles. It was garage kept mostly. Only thing it needs is the hood fixed. He changed the battery in it and didn't latch the hood and ended up driving. The hood came up and it doesn't latch properly and has a huge dent. He's asking 4500. No mods at all. Interior looks very nice and besides the hood the body is in great shape. I found some modded ones for the same price or less, but id rather start with a stock or close to stock as possible. Does 4500 sound fair?
  2. Check for rust in the usual spots, if its clean offer 3800 and if you really want it go 4000
  3. Hard to say without pics.

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  4. take a good look underneath. If the floors/torqueboxes/strut towers etc are rusted out, walk away.
  5. It's been repainted
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  6. If there's no rust and the carfax comes back good its worth every bit of 4500.
  7. How can you tell its been repainted?
  8. See how it drives too. If it drives smooth and the only issue is the dented hood then $4500 is a deal for that mileage.
  9. I don't have a Carfax account, but I got the history from Auto Check. Shows it as a 1 owner, the mileage was only reported once and that was at 2008 with exactly 93,000. It also says a lien was reported at that time. All of the dates are in the same city. It just shows registration renewal. Nothing else. Should I look further into this? or would Carfax show the same?
  10. Also, just now found out. The cowl vent is messed up from the hood, and also the side metal supports(not sure what you would call it?) One side looks fine, but the other side is not straight anymore... Doesn't the windshield have to be removed to fix that? How much would that cost at a body shop?
  11. pass on that car. the cowl panel will be pricey to repair correctly. By the time you factor in welding/metal work and paint you could have purchased another car.
  12. Here's a picture

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  13. f that heap
  14. Pass on that for sure!!!!
  15. That's a difficult repair there. Won't be cheap.

    I believe the color is wild strawberry metallic...which is an LX only color
  16. your probably right, BUT if it is not creased and you accessed it through the cowl cover maybe a good body shop could fix it without cutting or welding. that pic sure isn't enough to convince me either way.
  17. Only way I'd buy a car that needed work like that is if I got it cheap. $4K is prob what I'd pay without needing that repair, so I'd need to get that car for $2500-3000 for me to consider it.
  18. Tru dat! Take some more pics and take them to a body shop. If they can fix it easy then cool. If not pass. Either way the price just went down at least 1500.
  19. I do know that in April of this year he was trying to sell the car for $6500, then about a month ago is when I saw it for $5000(after the damage) and then a few days ago for $4500