"Stock" GT in the 12's.

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  1. Hey ya'll.

    So, i have a "friend" who just moved from cali to here in utah. He claimed his GT ran 12.947 with only gears (4.10) and some drag radials and LCA's.
    I called BS on that, and he showed me a time slip. I couldnt believe it. his 60 ft was 1.734 and trapped 105 and sure enough his 12.947 time was exactly what it said. I checked the other lane to make sure he wasn't lying and it was in the 15's.

    Can this be that a completeley stock GT (300hp) hit 12s?

    I asked him if he had a video and he said no and pulled out a few more time slips from his glovebox right in the low low 13's like 13.1 and 13.0.

    This is great news. I thought his car must be a factory freak or something. I rode in it and it really doesnt seem any faster than my 07 with 4.10 and sct2 tune. Then he launched it hard and can see how. He got off the line QUICK.

    So i tell him i wanna race from a roll since i have stock tires and he has some bgf radials. from a roll it was real close. up to 80 he only had 1/2 car then gained him when he shifted and then had to shift and he gained a little then we were neck and neck up to 105.
    So it proved his top end wasnt really any stronger than mine.

    So, iguess what i am getting at is these cars can produce great et's if driven well.

    FTR, he claimed with stock 3.55 and suspension, tires he ran 13.48 something.

    He has only managed 14.0 here with an unprepped track and 4200ft elevations. I have yet to run the new babe, and hope to pop in the 13's this year with the mods i have planned.

  2. Did he use slicks/have a tune? with those 2 things, that's pretty possible with good driving. I just dont see it being possible without at least a tune.
  3. well, he has the BFgoodrich drag radials in a 295-35 ithink. they hook extremely well.

    Good point with the tune. He does have a diabloport but he said he has a stock tune but uses it to callibrat the gears and tires.

    what i want to know is how he pulled a 1.7 60 ft. that is damn good for 300hp. I am still not quite believing him and i saw the timeslips.
  4. the 1.7 60' isnt the impressive part to me. i pulled a 1.8 in my stock motor stock geared 03 GT on drag radials and only ran a 14.0ET...its that ET that gets me

    the car has the power to go in the 12's, but not at stock weight. it would have to be around 3000lbs or a shade under to hit high 12's with 300hp and 4.10's but not a stock fat @ss GT 2 ton behemoth.

    if the conditions were ideal, traction was excellent and he is an awesome driver, its plausible...id check for a lil laughing gas though...
  5. With slicks, I believe it. I ran a 13.6 stock, DR's and a good run and I think a 12.9 is possible. Add in 4.10 and LCA's and he could do better than a 12.9.
  6. Whats your elevation? he was from the la joya/san diego area which is darn near sea level. 1.8 60 ft and a 14.0? you should be faster than that. are you automatic? EDIT: you said 03 gt, not an 05+.

    elevation and Density altitude play a huge role like you said, and at his altitude and good condition, i can see it.

    Some people have gone 13.4 completely stock. drag radials and 4.10 would gain .4 seconds I would think. very possible.

    his stang is the deluxe model with no options. boring to me but it is lighter. and the stang isnt THAT heavy. STI is only like 220lbs less. 350Z weighs within 100 lbs of the stang. 20o lbs makes a difference, but its not that much. its not light like an S2000 or a miata, but its not a fat pig. its actualy pretty average.

    I'll ask him if he dropped anything out of the car like the tire and jack, back seats etc.

    I always stripped my other car (3000gt) before going to the track. i would always end up about .1-.2 faster. (I would remove back seats, passenger seat, spare tir and jack. that ended up to be almost 150 lbs
  7. a 14.0 on a stock 03 with a 1.8 time must have been with a high DA number or no offense your shifting was slow.

    I went [email protected] with a 2.13 60 in my bone stock 01 gt, my launched sucked but I powershifted good and the DA number was great.

    12.947 is likely on a great 60 ft like that with Excellent shifting on a day with a negitive da number
  8. a good freind of mine ran a [email protected] with nitto DRs, intake, tune and xpipe last week. stock gear too! i guess it would be possible but i bet hes got the canned tune on there also.
  9. I run 11.427 on a stock 05 motor with a saleen blower:lol:
    The use of the word STOCK and 4.10's in the same sentence is ridiculous to say the least.
    I ran 13.65 bone stock on factory tires, 13.25 with C&L intake and Diablosport tune and 12.95 with the above mentioned and drag radials.
    Could he have done it maybe. Why would he not run the Diablosport tune if it was there?

  10. I'm with thump.
    I have no doubt that he ran a 13.46 stock. It is feasable that 4.10's, LCA's, & tires alone could have knocked off .5 seconds.... VERY feasable.

    But if he's got that Predator, then that tune is in the car. Look at the 105 trap speed. 05's with tunes trap 105... that is directly indicative of hp. Excluding the factory freak or two, most 05's I've seen trap 101-103 stock. Still very impressive though!

    If you wouldn't have mentioned the Diablosport at ALL, I'd still believe it... but if he owns a Predator, he's not using the stock tune. :nice:
  11. Stock lol.
  12. wait...my fault...pulled some timeslips...my 60' with the 03 was a 1.997, essentially a 2.0 and i ran [email protected] the car had alot more in it

    the 1.8 60' was in my 97 cobra that went [email protected]
  13. thats still a nice 60 ft if on stock rubber, I bet the DA number was high that day.. Even if the baro is a little low that can hurt your times...